Cheap remodels are a favorite for homeowners who are working with a tight budget. Indeed, most people worry about the cost of remodeling and redesigning a property, without considering that positive results could be achieved without breaking the bank. More importantly, with strategic thinking and planning, homeowners don’t have to compromise on style or interior effects. Budget-focused, effective, thought-through modifications can transform your space positively. However, one of the most dangerous mistakes when trying to save money on remodeling is to cut down planning time too.

#1. DIY is free unless you don’t know how to do it

DIY projects can save homeowners a lot of money. Indeed, floor works, painting, or even moving furniture are easy enough to do yourself, and they can change the room dramatically. Homeowners who have little DIY experience though, or who do not own the appropriate tools for the job, should refrain from doing it themselves. Every year DIY mishaps cost enthusiastic remodelers thousands of dollars.

#2. Managing 3rd-party liability

When you work closely with building contractors for your remodeling project, it’s essential to ensure your building company is insured against all potential issues related to working on a private site, deliveries to your home, and possible damages and accidents on-site and in its vicinity. A constructor who doesn’t have 3rd-party liability insurance, for instance, may have to stop construction to handle problems. Did you know, for example, that truck accident legal cases are increasing dramatically in the construction industry? These occur when the building/delivery truck is involved in accidental damage and injury in your residential area, and they can halt construction indefinitely.

#3. Nobody controls the weather

Weather can push your project behind schedule. Unfortunately, contractors may not take weather fluctuations into account when they provide time estimates. Heavy rain, wind, storms, or even snow will cause delays, and increase costs as they can also lead to damage.

#4. Measuring the room

Homeowners who are approaching renovation works and DIY for the first time may not know how to measure rooms and items of furniture effectively. More often than not, a simple project can lead to the purchase of several things to fix measuring mistakes. Some of the most common and avoidable expenses include the purchase of additional furniture units because the first unit didn’t fit in the designated space, purchase of further material for building or interior decor because the cut-to-measure elements are not suitable for the room, etc.

renovation works

#5. Neighbors complaining about the noise

Remodeling projects can be loud. Your neighbors expect you to warn them about the dates and expected duration of the renovation work. Unfortunately, noise can cause a variety of health issues, including stress increase, tinnitus, and the rise of depressive behaviors. Some neighbors may find it hard to deal with prolonged remodeling works and the constant presence of loud noises. As a result, complaints can arise against you and your contractors. Some cases have recorded the involvement of police forces or legal pursuits.

In conclusion, a cheap remodel project can be a practical, money-saving approach to transform your property without breaking the bank. However, without strategic planning, an apparently simple and manageable home improvement project could get out of control and incur high costs and stress!