If you thought remodeling your house is a challenging job, imagining remodeling a kid-friendly home; it can get even tougher. However, with the right equipment, imagination, and advice, your home will thrive.

Whether you already have kids or are planning on conceiving, your house must be prepared for what’s about to come. Today, we’ll discuss some of the most exciting tips and tricks on how to do that – and what to consider when making these changes.

What to Consider When Remodeling Your Home

  • Your kids’ input.

If you already have kids, make sure you include them in the decision-making process. Your children will spend lots of time in this house with you, after all. They should have a say in your home remodeling plans. Ask them what colors they’d like, what features they’d be most comfortable with, and if there are any room themes they’d like to try. If they go overboard, set limits – but make sure that they’re involved. However, it’s better to stay away from any age-specific stuff. They’ll grow out of them and then, you’ll have to spend money remodeling all over again.

  • Where the rooms are located and how private they are.

Your kids will grow and as they do, they’ll want more privacy. If you’ve got more than one child, you should think of designing separate rooms for each one of them. If your house doesn’t allow for that, ask them if they’d be comfortable sharing a room; if not, find an option that works (for example, you could divide one room into two smaller ones once they grow older). You could also combine their play & sleeping rooms into one.

  • The pros and cons of using built-ins.

While built-ins can save a lot of space, not all children are comfortable with having their rooms design that way. If you really have no other choice, then ask your kids how they’d like to have their built-ins designed. The more they like the model, the more excited they’ll be when you’re done with your home remodeling. Check for as many models as you can before picking the right one. Make sure your children really like it.

  • Giving your house a certain personality.

If creating funny and unique spaces is one of your goals, talk to your kids about it. Ask them what they’d like their rooms to look like, and what features they’d like included. If they want a loft bed, for example, make sure that they’re also okay with a desk going under it (for space-saving). If they’d like a stage in the middle of their room, make sure they’re okay with having higher ceilings. Involve them in the process and listen to them when they’re asking for a certain feature. Don’t forget to challenge their wants – and give their rooms personality. They’ll love it. Don’t forget to discuss eco-friendly remodeling with them; it’s an important topic, especially today.

  • Shared family spaces.

Your kids might not think about shared family spaces – they’ll be too concerned with their other room features. It’s your job to think about this. So, make sure you find a strategy that works for the whole family. If you’d like to play games together and have a blast, then designing a shared family playground is your go-to. If you want your shared space to be more classic, then design a library-like shared space with big couches and a huge table. Find your preferences and start from there. Below you can find some examples.

The Best Kid-Friendly Remodeling Ideas

  1. Design a hidden door passage

Your kids would be all about it! How cool would it be to design your own hidden door passage and integrate it into the house? This feature is creative and stands out. Plus, no guests need to know about it. You could try the built-in wall bookshelves (just like in the movies!) or you could hide a door somewhere secluded. The door could lead to the basement or any other room in the house through a corridor. Your children will absolutely love it.

  1. Have a theatre room for the kids

If you guys are watching movies a lot, then your shared family space could be a theatre. You don’t have to spend money taking your kids out to the movies every week; you can literally organize movie nights at home and have them invite their friends over. You could also ask your contractor to include a stage while they’re at it. You could play improv games and organize theatre nights since you’ll have space. Don’t forget to include built-in lighting to make their


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