The construction industry is very competitive. With everyone trying to offer the best deal possible, it can quite quickly result in a loss of profits. Trying to stand out is not an easy task and requires you to research and find out what ideas can create opportunities for your company. This is where garden landscaping comes in. If you could offer a ready-to-use modern garden with your builds, then you may see increased interest in your company.

That being said, it is not quite as simple as it sounds. Designing a garden that is modern and eye-catching is quite tricky and for some may require a lot of research and even hiring a designer. This article, however, aims to give a run-down of some ideas that will help you design a garden capable of generating interest in your company. These designs are to spark your ideas and may not be perfect for all situations, but just having some basic concepts will help a lot. So here are five modern ideas for garden design;

1. Use planters to elevate

Groundscaping and landscaping can be a considerable expense when building. However, you can achieve the same effect by using custom planters to raise and lower flower and plant beds. The mobility of the planters also allows for redesigning the garden much more cheaply.

2. Layout is vital

The layout of a garden is the most crucial aspect. No matter how pretty a garden space looks, if it is frustrating to navigate, people will get frustrated. Winding paths are beautiful, but most people will walk straight across when in a rush. The initial designing stage is critical, and it is worth taking some time to look for advice online.

3. Create a Social Space

People want to use their gardens to the fullest. Designing a space where a family or a group of a friend can relax and spend time together will make a place immediately more enticing.

4. Build to make the most of Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is a beautiful thing, and if you build so that the light falls entirely on the garden, people will fall in love with a building instantly. Studies show that Natural has numerous benefits. Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to included natural light, so it is always worth researching.

5. Leave room for customization

No matter how much you plan and design a space, it is important to remember other people may have different ideals, and you want to leave room for that. Allow customization will allow people to view a space which they already like and picture what they wish to do with it.

There we have it. I hope those ideas proved useful and sparked some inspiration. These are by no means the only ideas out there and could be improved upon by your own, but they serve as a great jumping-off point. If these ideas intrigued you then look into our previous post ‘How to Get into Green Agriculture’.