The safety of your home should be of paramount importance and should be on your priority list if it isn’t already. When you decide to rebuild or renovate your house, you must ensure that you take measures to protect your house and its surrounding area. This also gives you the chance to design security measures from scratch. Domestic burglaries are very common and can happen anytime, anywhere. Many homes that are situated in isolated areas have even larger possibilities of getting burgled. However, you can prevent this from happening with your own house if you take some basic security measures. Here are some of the measures we recommend.  

1. Study the position of your home

When you decide to build your house by yourself, you must consider how your property will be oriented on the land. You must also check the different alignments to ensure that your security measures will not overlap. There could be some weak areas from where intruders could barge through. These cannot be avoided, but you always have the option of securing them. You can also carefully study the plot from a burglar’s point of view to see if there are any loopholes. Once these are found, you can adopt corrective measures.

2. Make the boundaries secure

You must ensure that the perimeter around your house is secure, and there is no chance for intruders to seek in. You can opt for fencing with barbed wires, which is an effective security measure. The boundary walls should be high enough so that there is no clear view of your house from outside. It can get a little costly but will be the right solution for a long-term basis. You can also incorporate a trellis with roses growing up. Breaking the trellis will be difficult and can raise an alarm, while plants will also naturally improve aesthetics.

3. Illuminate the exteriors

There are many floodlight options available in the market, which is usually what people adopt as a security measure. However, there are also some good options like spike floodlights in dark colors which will look pleasing behind the plantings. Floodlight with motion detectors can be troublesome if some animals pass through your boundary walls during night time. Pathway lighting is another effective measure that can act as a deterrent to burglars. Here, you can experiment with motion sensor lights as it will definitely come as a shocker to burglars who might try to intrude on your house.

4. Landscaping options

Wood chippings or laying gravel is one of the best options to deter burglars from entering your house. These hard landscaping options provide the right alert to occupants when there is any unwanted presence. You can also go for planting thorny shrubs, which is a defensive gardening method, around the perimeters of your house. Remember, you must ensure that hedges must be trimmed so that your hidden does not get completely hidden. It will also ensure that you do not provide safe hiding for the burglars.

5. Choose smart security solutions

With evolving technology, there are many smart solutions that can be used to secure your house. A wireless doorbell or a burglar alarm can be the right solution to start with. You must determine the security needs of your house depending on its location and size. There are several other options like door locks, security cameras, motion detectors, etc. You can also include sensors that detect the movement of doors and windows when they are opened. 

There are many security measures that you can adopt depending on your needs. But these five solutions are essential and must be adopted right away to secure your home.