With approximately 700,000 construction firms in the United States, what is going to set yours apart when competing for that commercial project? How are you going to make a case that your business can deliver higher quality?

You need to have stronger operational standards, a well-oiled machine, and ways to be timely without cutting quality out of the picture. Proper management tools are the key to being the best rather than just among the great.

1. Procore

With a reputation of reducing project durations by at least 3 days for upwards of 75% of their users, you know that Procore has some power behind their applications.

While primarily being a project management tool it does also have the resources to add financial information as well. This can allow full integration into your business systems.

Where Procore really shines is the ability to have real-time communication and organization of all employees. You can verify and disseminate information to all people as needed.

Having this ability will ensure accuracy across all projects, a safer work environment, and a shorter project time frame. In fact, 68% of managers noted 5 hours or more saved per week while using Procore.

Pricing begins at $375 per month or $549 per month if you purchase the financial options. Customizations are available for added costs as well.

2. Spectrum

Another powerful project management tool with a heavy emphasis on realtime updates and communication is Spectrum from Viewpoint. The suite is billed as “one integrated management solution”

One of the biggest concerns for any business that has to draft contracts is inaccurate estimating. If your estimate is too low you lose out on revenue, too high and you lose contracts.

Further reducing revenue streams is the lack of strong practices in the field. If there is no communication to share project data or to see updates, workers get lost and maybe redundant or simply wrong.

Spectrum, as the name suggests, looks to connect all teams across the spectrum of your workplace. Workers can all be granted access to any of the things they need for collaboration and updates.

All of this information is easily accessible from any mobile device at any time.

Pricing was not provided and requires a consultation with Viewpoint

3. Co-Construct

Co-Construct remains one of the top, if not the top, project management suites, especially in the building and remodeling market.

With good reason, behind a single account, the entire spectrum of a project is present. This includes even the pre-building work that gets done. From CRM to the physical projects to finance and administration.

You are equipped with fully functioning, real-time future scheduling as well as labor budgeting and tracking. Proper task lists, job logs, and team communication are all done from a single point.

You have all of your resources available to work with other than the actual building itself. With template creation for job planning the concern for closing on a contract is greatly reduced and automated.

Pricing begins at $199 per month

4. Monday.com

Keep it simple and you won’t lose focus. That’s the mantra around the monday.com suite of tools. But simplicity should not be associated with any sort of lacking on their part.

The platform is set up “per user” so it scales exactly to the side of your business or project. Each person can be given exact specifications, that is permissions, role, responsibilities, and be contacted directly.

Provided with a timeline that is updated in real-time you are enabled with an overview of the project and events along the way.

Visual planning makes organizing the key details, events, and “to-dos” that much easier. Paired with a file center, all of your information and all of your related documents can finally exist in one place.

Pricing ranges from $8 to $16 per user per month

5. Smartsheet

Some of the biggest companies in the world of construction rely on the record-keeping strength of Smartsheet. Increased accountability leads to a stronger workplace through best practices.

Quality control, safety, business-wide standards, complete visibility for all workers. These are key for a strong, healthy business and are at the core of Smartsheet.

Through the powerful yet simple interface, you can adapt and grow as you need to without having to take hours, maybe even days, to learn new systems and figure out the mechanics of unwieldy software.

Pricing begins at $25 per user a month. Enterprise options with a consultation.

Keeping Order For Your Commercial Project

There is any number of firms that a prospective client can go with but you can show them that yours has consistency and quality at its core. Keeping your team organized and your priorities organized internally and with any commercial project.

Ready to get yourself set up? Visit www.lmsproject.com and get started managing yourself.