In recent years, concrete has grown in popularity as a home remodeling staple. It’s not just for driveways anymore. These days concrete is being used more and more for interior designs as well.

The awesome thing about utilizing concrete for your renovating material is that it can be shaped to fit any space. It can also be colored or stained to match the existing home decor.

Using concrete to renovate is a cost-effective, durable, and customizable option, especially when you trust an experienced concrete contractor to do the job. Have you thought of all the ways you could use it to create your dream home?

1. Renovate the Bathroom

Renovate the Bathroom

You can use concrete for practically every surface in the bathroom. From the floors, sinks, shower space, and even the tub depending on how fancy you want to get.

If you’re going for a super sleek and modern look, go with concrete to design a deep basin style sink. Or try adding a stand-alone concrete bathtub for a really trendy feel.

Since concrete is so customizable, you can shape it any way you can imagine and color it to complement the rest of the house.

2. Jazz Up the Kitchen

Just a handful of upgrades to your home’s kitchen can yield some serious return on investment, increasing the property’s value substantially. Everyone loves a fun and stylish kitchen, and since concrete is so versatile it’s an easy pick for the job.

Instead of paying out the nose for marble or quartz, install concrete countertops with a fun stain. Build a kitchen island and add some bar stools for seating on one side. Any way you do it, you’ll have one cool kitchen anyone would want to hang out in.

There are countless decorative options as well. Working with concrete, you have total artistic freedom.

3. Redo the Basement

Redo the Basement

Now, this is a great home renovating project! Turning the basement into an attractive and functional space not only gives you more room to work with, but it also adds more usable space to the property, therefore increasing the resale value of your home.

The basement isn’t just for man-caves anymore. You can easily lay down concrete flooring and maybe a built-in lounge space. Or perhaps create a home movie theater with flat light-colored concrete walls to allow for the use of a projector, the ultimate viewing experience.

A finished basement lists third, after a remodeled kitchen and bathroom, for increasing the rate of return on home improvement expenses. A home theater alone can return up to 70% of the renovation costs when selling.

4. Try Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing has grown in popularity over recent years. It is a budget-friendly way to revitalize older, worn concrete areas. This is a great option for addressing any issues like discoloration or revamping an outdated look.

This type of renovation entails laying a concrete coating over the old surface. In the newest top layer, you can now pick the pattern, color, and design you’d like. It’s great if you’re looking to add a more stylish look to your pool area, while also taking care of any tiny cracks while you’re at it.

Best of all, resurfacing cuts down on resources and time spent on the job, which saves you tons of money along the way.

5. Out With the Wood

In with the new, polished concrete patio. Replacing an old wood deck can seem like a hassle, but think of how much maintenance it requires long term. All the staining and waterproofing, season after season.

With the ease-of-use and the limitless design options of concrete, you can have an updated and maintenance-free patio space in no time. Try going with a pattern that gives the space a cobble-stone look.

Stained concrete can create a patio is various colors and designs. From sleek charcoal to warm brown, you can create the perfect look to fit your space. Plus, stamping concrete allows you to simulate everything from the look of wook plank to the feel of large stone slabs.

6. Upgrade the Fireplace

There is nothing more modern and simultaneously functional as a concrete fireplace. You can keep the light grey color and skip the mantle for a sleek modern style. Or you can use a stencil and color selection to emulate a brick look.

Want to add even further usefulness to this type of renovation? Carve out a section to store wood next to the fireplace while you’re at it.

Working with concrete, the choices are endless. You can have a fireplace and mantel that are the center of your living space and that define the decor, or it can be simple and subtle. Your concrete, your rules.

Concrete Is the Way to Go

Concrete Is the Way to Go

There’s a reason why concrete popularity in renovation has soared over recent years. It is probably the most versatile and cost-effective building material on the market.

There is no end to the combinations of texture, pattern, and color that you can come up with for your home. Also, stencils and stains have really upped the game when it comes to personalizing your concrete.

Plus, the fact that concrete starts off in a liquid state means that, with the help of a mold, it can be poured into just about any shape imaginable.

Let’s not ignore one of the most obvious benefits of choosing concrete: Durability. You can be sure that the money you invest in your new concrete will get you a stylish sophisticated home for years to come.

Best part? For once, the stylish new thing isn’t cost-prohibitive. Using concrete is a great way to lower the overall price of your renovation while still delivering style.

From driveways to basement stairs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a house built today that doesn’t sport visible concrete somewhere. But you have the opportunity to make the concrete used in your renovation more than just functional.

You can make it sleek and personalized as well. The limitless options just go to show that there are no design ideas that concrete can’t pull off.