Once summer comes around, everyone wants to be outside. The beautiful weather and ample sunshine give people a little more pep in their step. It’s also the perfect time to start hosting parties in your backyard. There are plenty of ways to update your yard to make it the ideal destination spot for summer bashes and cookouts.

What are some of the best features to add for outdoor parties? Here are seven ways to give new life to your backyard and start holding the greatest summer celebrations!


1. Beautiful Lighting

The sun does have to go down eventually. If you want to keep the party going longer, hang up some gorgeous string lights. These help bring a soft glow to the evening, helping guests wind down and relax. To spread them farther into your yard, hang them from trees or plant poles in the ground. Draping them around your backyard can create a lovely atmosphere.

Are you looking to save on electricity? There are plenty of options for solar and energy-efficient lights as well. They can save you money and are much easier to install while reducing your carbon footprint.


2. A Fresh Deck

One of the most iconic summer images is grilling out on the deck. If you already have one attached to your home, think about ways to spruce it up. Could the wood use some repainting or refinishing? Maybe everything out there needs a deep cleaning to bring back its luster. Your deck is where your guests may be spending a lot of time, so make sure it’s prepared.


You might also be thinking about building a deck. It’s a great option if you spend a lot of time outdoors. Do some research about different builders and see what kinds of quotes they offer.


3. Outdoor Kitchen Space

An outdoor kitchen is a massive upgrade to the standard grill. You could include an island where people can sit and eat as you continue to cook. There could also be a bar for mixing refreshing summertime cocktails and mocktails. Some of the kitchen appliances you could add are:

  • A pizza oven
  • A smoker
  • A stovetop (gas or electric)
  • A fryer or steamer

One critical tip for outdoor kitchens? Always ensure the materials you purchase are weatherproof. The last thing you want is for the rain to come and rust all of your appliances and tools. Double-check while shopping that you’re getting items made to last outside.


4. A New Pool

You and all of your guests will love taking a dip in the pool. It’s an element that makes your summer party complete. Being able to cool off in the water can be a huge benefit throughout the whole season. Whether you’re looking to redesign or install a pool, giving it a refresh will make guests want to dive right in. Just make sure everyone’s waited enough time after eating!

Before you meet with contractors, make sure you know how you, your family, and your friends might be using the pool. This can help them design features that maximize the time you spend by the water. Think about any needs you might have and let the professionals create the perfect oasis for your backyard.


5. Shady Areas

Everyone could use a break from the sun every now and then. Think about different shading options you could incorporate to beat the summer heat. If you’re having a one-time party, you could rent a tent for the day. However, if you’re planning to have get-togethers throughout the season, consider more permanent options for outdoor shade.

Building a patio with canopies or curtains can provide some extra relief. A more unique option is to build a lanai. These are made with glass, protecting you and your partygoers from rain and bugs. Including screens to circulate the air will help your guests feel like they’re in a tropical paradise.

If you want something to cover your deck, look into retractable awnings. They’re the best of both worlds: both a temporary and a permanent solution. When you’re not using it, you can roll back the awning. However, you don’t have to remove it to perform maintenance. Replacing it once the fabric fades can give a pop to your outdoor space.


6. An Indoor-Outdoor Room

Blur the lines between inside and outside. Indoor-outdoor rooms are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. You can walk right into an outside space without technically leaving your home. These rooms often incorporate large doors or windows you can open up to create a porch or patio.

Since it’s attached to your house, it gives the space a luxurious feel. You could also make an outdoor living room, providing plush couches and pull-out beds for your guests to sleep on.

When designing your indoor-outdoor room, consider how you want to incorporate it. Should there be porch doors between this room and the rest of your home? Do you want to remove the windows for the whole season or be able to replace them easily at night? These questions can help you perfect your idea.


7. Comfortable Seating

Whichever outdoor space you choose to create, you’ll want to include comfortable places to sit. You’ve probably been to a summer party that has uncomfortable plastic chairs. They bake in the heat and can easily break.

For a better backyard event, find some sturdier chairs. If they’re not too comfortable alone, purchase cushions to give them some plushness. Your guests will want to sit down at some point, so provide them with a seat they can really relax in.

Another vital tip is to make sure you have enough seating for the party. Try providing a large couch or extra cushions for floor seating if you don’t have enough space for lots of chairs. They can still give your partygoers a soft place to sit while enjoying your get-together.


Benefits of Upgrading Your Backyard

Before diving into making significant changes, you might be wondering if there are any extra positives to having a great backyard. The answer is frequently yes!

Currently, deck additions recoup the installation cost at just under 65%. This means your home’s resale value increased by enough to cover more than half the price of your deck. Pools and outdoor kitchens also raise your property value. When you’re thinking about the future, adding appealing backyard features can help you sell your home faster. These additions often mean you’ll be earning back some of the money you spent to include them.

The crucial thing to remember is that you need to execute these elements well. If a future buyer only sees repairs to make, it could reduce your property value or even drive them away. Unless you’re trained to make these additions, referring to a professional is always best. They know exactly what to do to make your outdoor space perfect.


Host the Best Summer Parties in Your Improved Backyard

Designing your backyard with hosting in mind can help you hold fantastic summer parties. Your guests will be wowed by how elegant your outdoor space is by adding these features. Throw the best events and cookouts with these backyard upgrades!


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