Tiles are thin, leveled, or rounded ceramic, stone, or porcelain used mainly for roofs, floors, walls, and even aesthetic work. Tiles are vital to interior design as they set a home’s appearance. Tiles come in various sizes, patterns, and colors, creating the desired atmosphere in a space. What’s more, they’re long-lasting and require less maintenance. 

It’s only fitting to thank the tiles manufacturers for utilizing their vast experience to offer us numerous types of tiles. Talking about tiles-producing countries, Vietnam is one of Asia’s leading manufacturers. This Southeast Asian country is also one of the world’s major tile exporters. 

Vietnam exports tiles mainly within Asia, to the USA, and Australia. The most popular tile in Vietnam is the ceramics tile, used for ages with porcelain and granite tiles. Ceramic tiles, durable and crack-resistant, find numerous uses in residences and commercial structures. Also, ceramic tiles with protective coatings become highly resistant to water and stains. So, ceramic becomes an obvious choice for trusted builders. 

It’s worthwhile knowing some of Vietnam’s largest tiles producers. This way, you can learn about their creations, methodologies, and work cultures. 

Here are the seven largest tiles manufacturers in Vietnam you should know: 


This goldmine of tile manufacturing, established in 1974, has its humble roots in handmade tiles. Today, Viglacera, with its versatile products, is one of the top producers of tiles throughout Southeast Asia. With six factories in Vietnam and using astute methodologies, the Viglacera team manufactures over 35 million square meters of top-grade porcelain and ceramic tiles every year. 

This leading ceramic tiles manufacturer in Vietnam manufacturer in Vietnam shapes high-quality tiles with rich designs by interpreting consumers’ wants. The most common use of Viglacera tiles is in beautifying spaces of residences and commercial complexes. For instance, the kitchen backdrop, the building exterior, etc.   

Viglacera also prioritizes sustainability because its manufacturing processes do not spoil the natural environment.  


TTC Ceramic  

Founded in April 2014, TTC Ceramic produces high-quality, sustainable floor-cum-wall tiles. TTC has, up till now, preserved Mother Nature through its modest output. Interestingly, the variety of tiles produced includes semi-polished porcelain, ceramic, and granite. 

TTC Ceramic delivers client-centric solutions, thereby achieving customer satisfaction. With proficient employees with market expertise, the company manufactures ceramic tiles with rich designs and diverse sizes. 

TTC Ceramic has a nationwide distribution system with more than sixty regions having wholesalers and retailers. It exports products to Asia, Europe, and America. TTC Ceramic lies close to the international airport, making it suitable for commercial relationships with affiliates. 


Dong Tam Tile  

Set up in 1969, Dong Tam Tile, one of the cornerstones in ceramic tile production, focuses primarily on sustainable development. The company is famous for being innovative, creative, persistent, and self-disciplined. Dong Tam tile delivers luxury and contemporary comfort, the best-in-class esthetics. Hence garnering reliability from international and domestic markets.  

In fact, due to Dong Tam’s products meeting the most stringent demands, they’re in need in other rigid markets like Japan, the USA, and Singapore. 

The ceramic and granite tiles made by scientific progress and European technology come in several sizes and colors. They also have environmental-friendly features. The most notable outputs are large-sized tiles (80×80 to 100×100 cm) having unique attributes like diamond light effects, anti-wear and -slip, and 99% antibacterial.  


Bach Thanh Ceramic  

Bach Thanh Ceramic, set up in 2007, manufactures and trades top-quality ceramic tiles in the domestic and international market. The floor and wall tiles produced come in varying sizes (e.g., 20×25 cm, 60×60 cm), colorsz, and designs to meet different requirements of end-users. Batalia, King Minh, and Quocera, to name a few. Moreover, they all comply with European standards. 

This manufacturing unit of greater than 5000 square kilometers typically produces about 6 lakh sq.m. of tiles each month. Their prices range from less than a US dollar for a midrange item to almost 1.4 USD for a high-end product. Midrange items are typical simple-patterned flooring tiles, sized 30×30 cm. The high-end products are approximately 40 x 40cm in size. 


TASA Ceramic Joint Stock Company  

TASA Ceramic Joint Stock Company, founded in 2013, manufactures high-class, decorative ceramic tiles for construction. This leading tile producer caters to domestic and international customers seeking technology and art in ceramic tiles production.  

TASA Ceramic is committed to providing top-notch quality tiles with the widest variety and most competitive prices.

At the factory, the TASA team makes persistent efforts to generate innovation in the production of ceramic tiles through research and development work. The company culture fosters teamwork, an effective management system, and a cooperative spirit.  

Mikado Technology  

Set up in 2012, Mikado Technology is one of the country’s leading producers of ceramic, terracotta, and porcelain tiles. With a qualified staff having the required skills and creative proficiencies, Mikado produces tiles for decorating the interiors and exteriors of structures. 

Additionally, Mikado has exclusive rights to produce water-resistant and wear-resistant wall and floor ceramic tiles through special surface treatment.  

The Mikado team uses astute knowledge to implement innovative methods for sales and marketing. Mikado is all set to fulfill end-user needs per the current market trends. 


Toko Vietnam Co. Ltd.  

Founded in 2010, Toko Vietnam offers outstanding quality ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta tiles. They manufacture astonishingly durable porcelain and ceramic tiles for frequented home spaces. For instance, the entrance, living room, kitchen, etc. They also make decorative terracotta floor tiles for unique areas.  

Thanks to its experts’ research on the link between well-designed living spaces and satisfaction levels, Toko is forever abreast of the latest trendsetting products and product enhancements.  

So, whether you’re a homeowner, architect, or contractor, you’d quickly get to choose among more than 200 exclusive tile styles. Also, Toko’s dedicated customer care department helps with the detailed customization of the products.  


On reading up information about these leading Vietnamese tiles manufacturers, you’re now conversant with their types of products and the scope of usage of the tiles. You also know about the manufacturers’ unique creative processes and their approach towards sustainability.