Welding is one of the most practiced works in the world. This work is very much important for the development and construction works. But this work is a little bit risky if it is not done with safety tools and accessories. Moreover, there are some accessories that are a part of welding. Without these tools and accessories, welding may not be done and different health hazards may be created. So, in this post, you will find the badly necessary tools and accessories for welding.

  1. Welding Helmet: A welding helmet is surely different from the bike, motorbike or construction helmet. A welding helmet must be more protective than others because it will save eyes, face, and hair, neck from burn created by flash, sparks and obviously ultraviolet and harmful infrared rays.
  2. Special jacket for welding: Welding jackets are different from other jackets. This type of jacket is specially made from fire-resistant elements that protect the welders from extreme heat, sparks, metal splatter that spreads at the time of welding. So, a welding jacket is a must for welders.
  3. Welding Gloves: A welder must put special thick gloves at the time of welding. The gloves must be thick and heat resistant as they need to protect the welder’s hands from high heat and sparks. Gloves may be of two types of TIG welding gloves and MIG welding
  4. Safety Glasses: Safety Glasses is a must for welding to protect the eyes of the welder. At the time of welding, severe harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays have been produced. If the eyes face these rays directly, the eyes might be damaged and even the welder can be blind. So, safety glass is a must for the welder.
  5. Ear protector: At the time of welding, the loud and continuous sound is produced. If the ears are not protected at that time, the hearing capability may be damaged. So, the welders’ need to protect the ears from the prolonged loud sound.
  6. Special shoes: The welder must wear heavy-duty shoes at the time of welding. The special kind of shoes is made with good support in the toe with a steel covering to protect the toes from falling off any heavy metal at the time of welding. Frequently working in heavy metals also bear the risk of the toes being poked by sharp edges of metal.
  7. Fire extinguisher: As welding is always a flammable work, there is a severe possibility of a fire at the spot. So, it’s a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher close at hand. It will protect the welder and the surrounding environment as well.

All the above safety kits are very much essential for the welder’s safety. Welding is a continuous process with flammable objects, safety tools and accessories are of high importance.

It is always said that “Safety first”. So, a welder should care about his safety and security. By being conscious about health hazards and accidents, a welder can make him and the work environment safe and sound.