Commercial space presents a variety of challenges when it comes to design. From the tight quarters to the numerous potential uses for a given space, designers need to be acutely aware of these factors in order to create layouts that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

These unique layout ideas not only help you repurpose your space but also give off an appearance that will drive business owners crazy with their desire to emulate it. These 8 epoxy layout designs will transform any commercial space into something beautiful and practical at the same time and can be done by epoxy flooring services in Colorado.

Create a Walkway-Bordered Square

If your business is located in a shopping district, or if you have tenants who specialize in selling items to each other, a squared walkway-bordered layout could be a perfect choice. Given the location of your space, it could also be a way to connect with passersby while they’re walking to and from their cars. 

This is a great layout choice if you want to create a rectangular space-efficient space that’s also aesthetically pleasing. For a squared walkway-bordered layout, create a square with a walkway around it. Then use the walkway to partition the space into four rooms, which creates a bordered square layout. 

Once the space is divided into the required rooms, add doorways and windows to link the spaces together. The best part about this design is that, because it’s based on a square, it’s space-efficient.


Balance the Room’s Aspects

A great way to give a room an even, balanced appearance is to use a neutral or soft color palette. You’ll also want to choose a material that complements the room’s other aspects. If your space specializes in selling fashion, for example, you could use a fabric that complements the room’s aesthetic of displaying clothing.

Meanwhile, if your room specializes in selling machines or office supplies, choose a more neutral, modern color scheme that doesn’t necessarily complement the other aspects of the space.


The good thing about these types of materials is that they don’t necessarily need to be replaced every few years, so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on design.

Central Plaza

A central plaza layout does away with the idea of a hall entirely. In its place, there is a common space that links all the rooms in your building, such as a central plaza. This layout is ideal if your building is already a plaza, or if it’s located in a business district that already has a plaza.

To create a central plaza layout, divide the patio of your building into a plaza and an adjacent rectangular open space. Then, use the open space as the common space, linking all the rooms with a central plaza.

Eclectic, Cross-Shaped Layout

By using a combination of styles and materials to decorate your epoxy layout, you’ll be able to create a design that’s both unique and aesthetically pleasing. 

To create an eclectic, cross-shaped layout, use a neutral or soft color palette to paint the walls of your building. Then, use an eclectic, cross-shaped arrangement to decorate each room, linking the styles and materials together.

For example, if you have a bar in the middle of the building, decorate the room with dark wood and countertops, and then use light wood and wallpaper on the walls of the adjacent business.

Focal Point in the Room

When creating an epoxy layout, try to find a focal point that ties the other aspects of the room together. A focal point can be a painting, a sculpture, a rug, or anything else that’s visually striking. To create a focal point in the room, use a neutral or soft color palette that contrasts with the darker elements of the room, such as the walls.

Then, use this palette in conjunction with the darker elements to decorate the room, such as on the walls or in the form of a painting or sculpture. The focal point will act as an anchor that links together the other elements of the layout, creating a more cohesive visual experience.

Hub and Spoke Workstations

If you have a small to mid-sized business, a hub and spoke workstation layout could be just what you need. This epoxy layout consists of a hub that’s linked to five spokes. Each of these spokes is linked to five others, creating a wheel-shaped layout that is efficient and visually appealing. 

To create a hub and spoke workstation layout, space the hubs at least 10 feet apart. Use a neutral or soft color palette to paint the walls of your hub, and then use a series of linked desks or workstations to decorate the spokes. 

The spokes can be a variety of different types of products, such as cafés, computer repair shops, and boutiques. You can use the same materials and themes for the hubs, or you can mix and match elements from different spokes.

Stairwell as an Office Nesting Space

If your building is located on the first or second floor, or if you have a unique layout that’s otherwise not suitable for a market-place or square layout, a stairwell could make a great office nesting space.

This layout is similar to a bordered square, except that it’s based on the idea of using a stairwell as a common space. To create a stairwell office nesting space, use a neutral or soft color palette to paint the walls of the stairwell. 

Then, use the walls of the stairwell as the common space, linking all the offices together with a central staircase. The central staircase could be as simple or as elaborate as you want, depending on your budget and the other aspects of your building.


While each of these layouts could be a bit too unconventional for your current business model, one of them could work perfectly for you. Make sure to consider all the factors involved in creating an efficient, visually pleasing layout, from the number of rooms in your building to the other aspects of your space, before deciding on a final epoxy design.