In today’s modern world, there are a plethora of decisions to make when building a home.  From home layout to materials, there are so many things to decide.  Each decision made is equally important, as the exteriors of homes provide people the first impression of the homeowner’s style taste.

However, it is equally important to consider the roofing style for a home.  There is so much more in today’s times than just the standard asphalt roof.  There are a number of considerations to make when choosing a roof.  Here are several modern choices one should discuss with their roofing contractor. Their expertise can help guide you in selecting the perfect one for your home.

The Flat Roof

The flat roof can come in three different styles.  These include the built-up roof, a modified bitumen roof, and a rubber membrane roof.  Whichever style of these flat roofs is chosen will cost someone generally $250 to $350 per a hundred square feet.

There are many benefits to installing a flat roof.  It can be relatively quick to install.  It also makes an excellent base to install solar panels.  Long term maintenance and repairs can also be less costly.

The Shed Roof

A shed roof is similar to a flat roof, but with a steeper slope.  In addition, the shed roof style only has one slope whereas typical roofs have two slopes.  Although the design is simple, it can be easy to construct, and it can also be cost-effective.

This type of roof design allows for a lot of natural light to enter a space.  It can also be beneficial for rain drainage, as well as solar panels.  Installation in an area with low winds would be best.  Just keep in mind: do not think of shed roofs for only sheds anymore.

The Mansard Roof

Believe it or not, the mansard roof is a style many have seen before without knowing its name.  This style roof has four sides to it.  This particular design has been around since the 1500s, but with modern design and style, the mansard roof has never been more in the moment.

For the homeowner looking for adequate attic storage space, or space to eventually expand into the living area, the mansard design should definitely be a consideration.  In addition, the usage of this type of roof can fit in both rural and urban areas alike.  It is versatile and good-looking with a rich history.

Solar Tiles or Shingles

Solar Tiles or Shingles

A modern touch to roofing that is trending is the solar option.  Solar shingles are like the larger panels on roofs, but they are made from smaller pieces.  They give a general appearance of a standard shingle, but they do more than protect the house – they produce energy for the home!

Panels can be bulky, but the shingles or tiles are smaller and can also be aesthetically pleasing.  This can be a more expensive roofing choice. However, in the long-run between money saved and energy created, it can be well worth the investment.  The demand is rising, so if this is an option for you, the best time to go forward with this type of roof could be now.

The Saltbox Roof

This type of roof is well-known in New England and it came to be during Colonial times.  However, just like many older designs, an updated, modern saltbox roof can give a home an added appeal.

These roofs are great for areas that deal with quite a bit of rain, as it allows the rain to easily reach the gutters for drainage.  These roofs can also be easy to maintain through the assistance of a professional.

The Hip Roof

When one thinks hip, with a roof, it does not just mean “cool” or “good-looking.”  This particular design has become quite popular in the United States.  It allows the home to have clear, sharp lines.  This style roof also provides a sturdy roofing option for the homeowner.  These are best suited for areas with high wind or snow.

The Butterfly Roof

If clean, sharp lines are what come to mind when thinking of roofs, the butterfly roof may be the right choice.  Although this design has been around for nearly ninety years.  However, although it has been used for a while, this retro design blends well with modern style.

A butterfly roof has two pieces that slope down inward towards the middle.  This style roof can provide a rain-water collection option for a homeowner. This is especially beneficial for those that live in areas more prone to droughts or for those who wish to be more self-sufficient when using natural resources.

The Gable Roof

A gable roof is a design typically drawn by children when they make a home.  However, that should not deter someone considering this style.  There are different specific gable designs that can be utilized for roof design; this is not a one-size-fits-all roof.

Aside from a variety of designs this roof can come in, it can also be quite cost-effective.  If someone is looking for something that can handle the weather, this is a better option over a flat roof.  The simple design provides any home with a modern yet classic look.

Decisions, Decisions


Before making any decisions on what type of roof should go on a home, it is important to consider several things.  First, cost is the most obvious consideration.  Having a desire to have high-end solar tiles are wonderful, but if that is out of your budget, other options need to be considered.

In addition, climate and weather should be considered.  A person wants a roof to last as long as possible, with minimal if any repairs over its lifetime.  Putting a style roof on a home that can handle heavy snowfall or summer heat and humidity is important to think about.

However, the biggest thing to remember is that no matter the design that’s chosen, the home can still have a modern and appealing design with the right roof!