Why do you need bathroom remodeling?

It is important to point out at this stage that bathroom remodeling can go a long way to making your home more comfortable, valuable, and, well homey. Rather than breaking down your bathroom totally and rebuilding, there is a better way of making your bathroom better and more welcoming. Really, there is no point in the waste; there are better and smarter ways to make improvement and invest money wisely in things that matter and that add values.

When you are ready for remodeling the bathroom, there is a need to have a checklist of what is probable. The next step after this is to go on and incorporate the nice stuff you have discovered and noted into making your bathroom what you dream it to be. Below are some interesting tips that will help you along the way.

Bathroom remodeling Tub

Do you really need the Tub?

For so many years, homeowners have been advised to have a ‘garden tub’ in the main bathroom. But the question is, ‘is it really necessary? Even when nobody uses it? Considering the cost of acquiring a tub and how much it will put a dent in the homeowner’s wallet, it is important to take a pause and consider if it is really needed in the home. For bath lovers, this might give rise to a dilemma, but really, if you must have that tub, try considering having a nice-sized tub in the hall bath instead of the main bathroom.

remodeling a bathroom

The Need for Water Everywhere

There is a wide possibility in today’s showering experience that can be incorporate when remodeling the bathroom. Standard showerheads and shower products are just the starting point. Showers come in different types and kinds such as rain heads, body sprays, and handhelds to mention just a few. If care is not taken, you might be carried away to have all these in the different bathrooms but you need to put the cost of acquiring them into consideration as well as the cost of plumbing and fixtures that come with it.

bathroom remodeling - The Need for Water Everywhere

A Resting Place

You must be aware that a shower seat is not just a comfortable place to relax but also double as a support for shaving your legs. For a small shower where you do not want to have a permanent seat taking up much floor space, you might consider a folding bench, which costs about a few hundred dollars.

bathroom remodeling - Resting Place

Do you enjoy shaving in the shower?

Many people have found the shower to be the best place to shave. If you are one of those who share this sentiment, you might want to consider spending some extra dollars to add proper lighting, razor and shaving cream holder, and a fog-free mirror.

bathroom google - shaving

The perfect place for your Makeup

Do you normally stand at the vanity to apply your makeup? Would you prefer to have a place to sit so you can enjoy making up and looking good? You might want to consider having a makeup desk. With this piece of furniture, you can have a bigger mirror and all your cosmetics stored neatly and at hand. Another option is to integrate the makeup desk into your vanity, which will require you to take cognizance of the height difference. A vanity for an adult is usually about 36 inches tall and a makeup desk is about 30 inches. You need to put all these into consideration when you want to integrate both into one.

bathroom remodeling - makeup

A Place for the Reading Materials

Are you an ardent reader and would almost read anywhere in the house? Then you might want to factor this in remodeling the bathroom. It has been stated that the BEST SEAT in the home is where many people do some reading. You can actually be creative and add a place for those magazines, newspapers, books, etc. in the throne room. This is relatively inexpensive and keeps the room tidy.

bathroom remodeling
bathroom remodeling - reading in the bathroom

Getting Steamed

Steam showers for many are an important part of the bathroom; and the bigger, the better. Although, there is less demand for steam showers these days, having it in the house is not a bad idea, especially if you have a gym that you regularly use at home.

steam shower

T. P Holders, Towel Bars, and Hooks

These items are very important when it comes to remodeling the bathroom but they are usually considered last during the project. However, they should be part of the priority consideration because they can add beauty as design elements to your bathroom.

bathroom remodeling


Therefore, if you are planning remodeling the bathroom, consider where the towel bars, hooks, toilet paper holders, and other items will be located so that you can get all the needed installations done.

If you are planning to have your unique BATHROOM, we would be delighted to assist in the design. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.