The current global pandemic has seriously affected the economy and people’s lives, and if you were planning a bathroom renovation that you are about to postpone, fear not, as there are solutions available. The materials you would require can still be ordered online, not an issue there, all you have to do is search with Google for suppliers of building materials that offer online sales, and when the materials are taken care of, you can source a local builder.

Online Suppliers

With most business closing their premises, many are still open for business, thanks to the Internet, with the leading Melbourne supplier, Yeomans BC, where you can obtain top-quality tiles and ceramics. When you are ready to choose bathroom tiles, fixtures, and fittings, start with a Google search. Remember that quality is the priority, as the bathroom is the busiest room in the house. Once you have found a local supplier, you can have the materials sent on the day the work begins.

Sourcing a Local Builder

Once again, Google is your best friend and will help you connect with a local bathroom renovation specialist; if you are concerned about Covid, share a video call with the builder. Show him the bathroom from every angle, and with some dialogue, he should be able to quote for the project. Of course, the builder and his team will have to enter your home. If you are worried about Covid-19, you can cordon off one section of the home to allow the workmen access. If everyone is wearing a mask, and observing social distancing rules, you should be fine. Remember to thoroughly clean the bathroom when it is finished, wiping down all surfaces, which would kill the virus. No one is really sure about the future for construction during the pandemic, we will have to wait and see if there is another wave of infection.

Calculate your Budget

Prior to making any approaches to builders, you should have a firm figure in mind that you are prepared to invest in the renovation project, which should be realistic, then the builder can work to that. Resist the temptation to go cheap with materials and fixtures, as you want a bathroom that will stand the test of time. If the project extends to new vanity, toilet, and shower, then choose brand names for the best durability, and in the event your budget won’t stretch to 5-star fittings, take out a small personal loan that you can repay over a few months.

Social Distancing

It is best for you and the other occupants use the other bathroom for the duration of the project. It might be a few days, depending on the scope of the work. You don’t need to be in the same area as the builders. The communication can be via video calls, which minimizes contact; either that or you yourself be the only person to have physical contact with the builders.

Keeping Abreast of Covid Updates

The Australian government is doing everything it can to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, with daily updates for every region, and as things can change very quickly, you should bookmark this government Covid-19 update and visit daily. The day before the work is due to begin, the materials should be on-site and you can coordinate with the builder, and should the lockdown prevent the project going ahead, simply postpone until the status is clear.

Hopefully, things will return to normal in the near future. Then we can all go about our lives as we did before the arrival of Covid-19.