Setting up a professional energy audit ensures your buildings run efficiently at the lowest possible operating cost without sacrificing power and sustainability. Many commercial industrial or office spaces neglect to have these audits done regularly, leading to missed opportunities for growth and savings. 

Today, it’s time to learn the key benefits of a professional energy audit and what exactly these audits can tell you about a space.

1: Improve Sustainability Measures

The main goal of an energy audit is to assess the space’s energy efficiency. This applies to commercial, industrial and residential spaces. The audit gives identifying information about where energy can be saved, costs can be reduced, and the property value can be maintained.

The primary reason energy audits gained popularity is their usefulness in improving sustainability. In 2022, sustainability will be a major attraction for commercial spaces. Companies, customers, and employees want to see more investment in areas not endangering the environment. A significant benefit is saving money through improved efficiency.

Energy audits pinpoint areas where efficiency can be improved. From reducing pollution to setting up more efficient lighting control, there are hundreds of ways that spaces can be made more energy efficient.

2: Measure Energy Consumption Accurately

Energy audits identify where energy is used and how much is used. Most businesses have an idea of what their buildings use based on their utility bills, but these bills are not enough to get the complete picture. 

Both energy production and energy consumption are growing. An energy audit and assessment provides a deep dive into where and how energy is being used. It also shows this use per unit of output to understand better what waste is generated in the process.

Measuring energy consumption accurately relies on understanding how energy is used, processed, and returned. Energy conservation and cost savings are most effective through the detailed analyses provided by energy audits.

3: Save Money with Streamlined Setups

Many energy-efficient commercial buildings stabilized their costs through energy improvements and upgrades. Professional audits are not free, but their price is typically more than covered by the improvements that can be made from the provided information.

Save Money with Streamlined Setups
Energy-efficient improvements return an average of $2 for every $1 invested into better efficiency. While there is an upfront cost in streamlining setups to reduce overall energy use, the long-term benefits of this change outweigh the expense for most spaces.

Invest in a better future when doing renovation products by getting an energy audit before starting major renovations. Incorporate energy-efficient improvements into the renovation plans to limit overall disruption and construction time while also reducing overall business energy costs and environmental impacts.

Finally, money is also saved through energy audits in terms of maintenance and repairs. Energy audits often find faulty or failing equipment as they consume more energy than they normally would. This is why energy audits are always a good choice. For example, even property rental situations, where a tenant is paying the energy bill, benefit from energy audits, since sustainable equipment is more reliable and less demanding of maintenance. Identifying these problem areas before they break makes the overall repairs less catastrophic for the business.

4: Improve Efficiency Without Sacrificing Comfort

An energy audit will clearly show how to manage and implement energy-saving procedures. In particular, an audit makes it easy to set up any necessary energy management systems (EMS)

These systems control lighting, ventilation, heating, and air conditioning for the perfect balance of efficiency and comfort. Efficient heating and cooling are both energy efficient and comfortable for employees in the space. Having an EMS in place enables quick and easy review of energy setups, options, use, and more without the need for hiring professional monitoring services.

An energy-efficient building doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, energy-stable facilities are often more comfortable to work in due to the predictability and efficient control of the environment.

Professional Energy Audits Benefit Everyone

Completing a professional energy audit benefits more than just the environment. It also benefits everyone by conserving resources and reducing the amount you spend on inefficient energy options. 

Due to the numerous benefits of professional audits, many government institutions offer rebates, tax incentives, or other financial benefits for completing a professional energy audit. There can be even more benefits if your business is certified as energy-efficient or reduces its overall carbon footprint.

The benefits of a professional energy audit are vast and numerous; consider all the ways that having this detailed audit completed can revolutionize how you do business.