Usually, building sites have people walking around them all day long. But ever since the governments began shuttering segments of the economy, the industry has been in a bit of a bind. We haven’t seen any specific instructions to close sites. Still, many local authorities imply that that’s what they expect construction companies to do. And the public is mostly on their side – until recently, at least.

Keeping premises safe under these conditions, therefore, has been a challenge. Companies have had to essentially abandon what are ordinarily busy places and think about site security for the first time. Not being able to field any workers at all means that existing projects must remain in stasis for much longer than they would ordinarily. It is as if we have had a month-long holiday weekend.

If your site is on lockdown or you’ve had to take emergency measures because of the state response to the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some strategies that you can use to give you peace of mind.

Improve Security Alarms And CCTV

Outdoor security cameras were a feature of many building sites before we went into the pandemic, but now they are even more critical. A combination of alarms and CCTV is usually enough to deter even the most persistent criminals. These security devices act as a deterrent, and you can use them in criminal proceedings if things progress that far.

Modern security cameras are far more potent than the last generation. New models come with anti-climb paint, which prevents criminals from taking them down quickly. Some offer things like public address, meaning that you can speak to people onsite via the internet on a loudspeaker, telling them that you’re watching them or you’ve called the police.

Add Security Lighting

Criminals love to hide in the dark, out of sight. They don’t like to commit crimes in well-lit areas. Security lighting, however, acts as a deterrent, lighting up the entire area like a Christmas tree, and preventing them from roaming in and out through dark corners. Floodlighting is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to give yourself peace of mind.

Secure Your Entry Points

Building sites shouldn’t be completely open to the public. Instead, ideally, you want to carry out work behind a high temporary wall. Indeed, this is a regulatory requirement in many places.

You still need entry points, though, and that’s where trouble can start. Site access is always a weakness in building sites and where vandals can gain entry. Ensure that the entry points are robust enough to prevent criminals from kicking them in or battering them down. You may want to add CCTV around the area and lock doors with a secure key code.

If you rely on gates, be sure to place anti-climb mitigation at the top, so that people don’t just jump over.

Store Equipment Offsite

Store Equipment Offsite

Finally, don’t leave expensive equipment or materials on site. Store them at a temporary address or a self-storage depot. Make sure that there is no incentive for people to attempt to break-in.