The world has indeed changed, and the needs of a rapidly transforming real estate market have organically evolved the way we build, the conditions of our dwelling spaces, and even the materials we use. The resurgence of the lumber industry is still in its infancy. Indeed, it is pushing construction companies to think outside of the box and take a good look at what materials they can acquire quickly and efficiently. They will then decide to integrate them into a new era of architecture. The year 2022 will integrate holistic design solutions into our daily life through natural wood, plant life, art, and natural color palettes in a way the world has never seen.  This article addresses construction design trends in 2022. This shortlist provides you with the insight that may impact your work!

Building Material Shortages are Redefining Design

Eco-friendly styling and durability are dictating this year’s construction design trends. With low lumber, availability comes an increased dependence on concrete, which helps to tame energy bills and increase insulation. Making sure that what’s being used lasts as long as possible is a core part of new building strategies companies are implementing. Metal roofing is adding more durability to homes and can last up to 70 years. Builders are continuing to get creative as the supply chain still struggles to reach a steady boil. Creative sourcing, experimentation, and just plain old swapping are forcing the construction industry out of its comfort zone and onto new innovative heights.

Maximalism is the New Minimalism

More is now the new less as people still continue to live, work, play and stay home far more than they did pre-pandemic. This return to the home has made many homeowners much more aware of their design needs. Low inventory in everyday household items such as furniture, appliances, and wood flooring has made antique furniture much more popular. Meanwhile, interior designers are quickly spinning up new designs with anything they can quickly get their hands on.

Creative Design is Trending Heavily

The modern home is exploding with new design concepts that expose the heart of humanity. Furnishings and art that tell a story and bring life into dwelling quarters will continue to grow in popularity this year. Each person’s individual design preferences are more respected than ever before. Optimism, a new beginning, artistic, warm, and natural are all words that are defining 2022 design trends. Overall, beautiful design highly depends on personal expression versus what’s trending.   

New Shapes and Patterns on the Scene

Since old-world craftsmanship is now a new world design, expect to see patterns in lighter hardwood flooring and colossal antique tapestries. Curvature will uphold this return to handcrafted artistry and bring a sense of wonder and comfort back to the home that straight edges could never deliver. Look for barrel-vault ceilings, furniture without corners, and arched features throughout and outside the home.

A New Page in History

Over the ages, architecture has been heavily influenced by different factors. They include regional resources, the environment, human necessity, war, art, social change, and beyond. The post-COVID-19 era will be yet another defining period in architecture history. This period will leave a prominent mark on the design world that will soon be adopted into human history.


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Author Bio:

Abigail Baker is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with steel piping distributor, Fed Steel.