During any type of construction on a mining site, there are lots of regulations to work through from the start to finish. Construction operations on mining sites may play a pivotal role in the improvement of our society as we know it. The construction industry improves the function of many areas of our city, safely and effectively. They make our lives more efficient. With skyscrapers to highways to sewers, often they are working in dangerous conditions to help the world become a better place. This applies to work on a mining site.

There is a time when there is a transition phase through the project where construction teams come in and planning successful transitions have to begin at the start of any project and this means the construction teams will be kept up to speed with what is going on and the likely plan in place.  Close interaction between construction and commissioning leaders is vital in order to have the systems and subsystems managed safely.  Contractors must always ensure that they communicate their progress, and operators will most likely work with them to implement a well-oiled system. This will include lots of testing for each element of the project over time although this could change in the execution. The theory behind a lot of these functions and jobs often change due to circumstances, especially within mining because there are many unexpected issues that can arise. The most common things that may arise are the changes in operating environments. Whilst some changes are mild, others can be severe and one or more of the following issues can occur:

  • Heavy loads combined with shock loads
  • Light loads with high-speed rotation
  • Heavy loads with low-speed rotation

Strong leadership must be established. You may find during the time that you have to deal with implementing mining supplies as well as being flexible with how you work and changes in the atmosphere and weather. On mining sites, you will find that there are lots of hazards that you must be aware of. When you first begin work in construction in your early years in the industry, you will be very well aware of all the health and safety regulations but you must also be as aware as possible of hazards also. Even climbing a ladder, working on a roof, or working around cranes and dangerous equipment can be incredibly worrying to some workers. All of the workers on the construction site must work as a team to help prevent any type of injury.

So whilst working in construction is a great job, you also need to know the implications and be prepared for any circumstances. The safety that your company implements should protect you against many problems, but the industry is constantly learning lessons, making things easier and safer as things go on. The statistics are stacked in our favor, but it is still good to understand the systems and the types of projects that go on as you move into the exciting world of construction.