If you are thinking of updating the aesthetic value of your home but are concerned about the small living space, do not worry; even with a limited budget, you can turn a small space into a highly functional spot. The quick solution is to know how to apply the correct strategies to help you live within the tiny space without any complications. 

Cosmetic kitchen makeover: 

You can try out a cost-effective design. Transform the kitchen by installing new cabinet doors, adding a subway tile backsplash, redoing the floors, whitewashing the walls, and separating the kitchen from the living room, and you are good to go. You can also consult with NYC apartment renovation contractors for the best-fitted ideas.

Creating a multipurpose room:

You can make a multipurpose room by turning the living, kitchen, and dining areas into work, rest, and entertainment purposes. These areas are adaptable, so the apartment always looks large. Try out a charcoal accent wall for the kitchen. Repaint everything back to white except the kitchen.

Add bookcases:

To fill in the walls, you can add a bookshelf. The books take center stage, and you must control the stack. You can also show off your book collections, framed photographs, or exclusive mannequins.

Create a space for your pet:

If you have a pet, you can create a separate space for them in the living room by adding a sofa, making the place look vintage. Opt for a sofa that fits well and only takes up a little space.

Perfect use of art:

You can remodel the apartment with prints, canvas, and sculpture. Add lamps to create a sense of vitality. Be creative by hanging handmade portraits or having a matte desk for pictures. Paint the desk in black and place a plaster lamp on it for an aesthetic vibe. 

Display good-looking items:

You can decorate the place with a newly powder-coated white cabinet holding clear glassware and white pottery. You can keep not-so-good-looking items in the lower cabinet or use the drawer to store the toolkit. Around the dining table, you can add flexible seating with a bentwood chair and stool, which can be stacked in a corner. 

Get the tableware:

It would help if you used every horizontal inch of the kitchen space for storage, including the top of the fridge. You can use a cake stand with levels to make the space look larger and cover every pot and jar.

Use vertical self-space:

If you have any tableware, keep them on the open shelf. You can get a variety of dinnerware to display on the metal dish risers, but the categories should match the set. Get some signature items to enhance the appeal. 

Create something new:

Keep the spices in glass-top watchmakers in an aluminum box to save cabinet space. If there are a lot of spice boxes, the kitchen can look stuffed. So, please remove them and also the infrequently used appliances. 

Summing it up:

You can also use the space under the bed. To make every inch count when you have a small apartment, look up zicklincontracting.com. Between all these, remember the colors and patterns, which should be limited so that the apartment looks enormous.