If you’re planning on selling your home, you’ve probably got your sights set on getting the most money possible from whoever decides to purchase the property. This is understandable. This is an asset and investment, so you’re going to want as much return on it as you can get. But sometimes, this means putting a little effort in. Sure, some homes tend to get snapped up off the market in moments. But others require work to help them meet the standards set by other properties in the neighbourhood and to encourage buyers to settle with your property over others on the market. One major home change you might want to consider is home remodelling or renovations. Making some significant changes to your home really can add value. Here are some of the most popular renovations carried out pre-property sale!

Question the Costs

Of course, some conversions could boost the value of your property and help you to get a better asking price. Some could not actually increase the value, but could help your home to sell a lot faster, reducing costs entailed in selling. Some could cause a loss, especially if you’re planning on selling to a company where we buy houses and give a fair price from the start. So, weigh up costs, weigh up predicted value post-remodelling and see if it works out in your favour!

Loft Conversions

Extra rooms boost property value. If all the homes in your area have two or three bedrooms, you can make your home even more appealing to families by having a fourth. Now, you don’t necessarily need a whole lot of room surrounding your property to extend on to achieve this. Instead, you could convert relatively unused loft space into a functional and practical room instead with a loft conversion. Some conversions can even have en suites fitted, creating the perfect guest room.

Adding a Garage

While a garage isn’t an essential for everyone (especially if your home has a drive or freely available on street parking), it can be a desirable addition to any home. Having a drive appeals to buyers because it provides their second most valuable asset – their vehicle – with security. It can protect their vehicle from vandalism, storm damage and more. It can also significantly reduce car insurance premiums. So, if you have the space available, consider having a single door garage or double breadth garage built!

As you can see, there are a number of home remodelling projects you could undertake to significantly increase the value of your property. Each will take a little work and investment, but they could boost the value of your property, helping you to get your asking price as quickly and conveniently as possible. Just make sure to work with competent and qualified professionals with good reviews if you do go ahead and get any work carried out on your space!