Do you want to update your home for a new, fresh look? How about updating your window treatments?

Window treatments are a great way to give a room a whole new look. Several Americans are looking to update their window treatments as the U.S. window covering demand continues to grow and is expected to hit $5.2 billion in 2021.

Need some inspiration? Check out these creative window designs and treatments to give your home a makeover.

Layer With the Same Tones

You can pair colors with tone-on-tone, which is a popular fashion trend as well. You don’t have to use multiple colors to layer window coverings. Choose one tone and choose different variations.

Using too many colors can overwhelm the eye. Try adding similar curtains and a pull-down shade in various colors of blue.

More layers will also add additional insulation. If you are worried about insulation, you may want to consider double glazing windows.

Add a Bold Statement

You can make a bold statement design with your windows. Some of the latest window designs call for bold fabric prints, unique folds, and even cutouts. You don’t have to go with the standard horizontal vane; unique geometric patterns can transform a space.

It’s important not to get too busy or detailed if you don’t want to overwhelm a space. If you find an extremely colorful print, you should choose a smaller shade with this print versus full-panel drapery. A shade is a good way to highlight this fabric pattern because you don’t have to see the full design unless the shade is down.

Use Texture

Texture is making a comeback this year. You can try some woven wood shades, in either bamboo or rattan, to add a casual, textured look. You can choose just about any color along with various styles of weaves.

Some shades you can see through depending on the type of weave. If you want complete privacy or block out light, you can add a liner, or you can also install curtains over your shades when you want privacy.

Bring the Garden Inside

Another popular pattern is garden-inspired fabrics showing branches, leaves, and any other outdoor pattern. These patterns aren’t as feminine as the classic floral print.

You don’t have to have green fabric to have the garden look. You can match the garden print to fit just about any color scheme. The garden pattern will also pair nicely with Behr’s 2021 color palette of tranquil colors.

Automation for Windows

You can take your automation to the windows with motorized shades and blinds. With a remote, you can open and close your shades without getting up. You can find other options to optimize your automation, like voice-control and smart home integrations.

Windows by design will give you some natural light in your room. With automated window coverings, you can pick and choose when you want light and easily adjust as the sun moves—all without leaving your couch!

Get Inspired With These Creative Window Designs

As you think about your home remodel, don’t forget to look at your windows. These creative window designs can update any space to give it that tranquil, bold, or unique look, depending on your goal.

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