With high material costs and huge lumber costs, a significant percentage of homeowners are after top-notch ways to find a cost-effective solution for their home renovation and cut down their home renovation costs. However, it’s not easy to know the exact renovation pieces to go for and cut your home renovation project costs.

In this enlightening article, you’ll get tips on how to cut costs for your home renovation project.

Let’s get started!

Estimate The Renovation Costs

Estimating your home renovation costs is the best step to make if you want to know a good deal and whenever you get overcharged. Consider using a renovation costs calculator even when you’re to get this estimate, even when you’re in the visualizing stage.

Here, you need to choose the project you’re planning about (either a new siding or bathroom renovation) and calculate a rough estimate. The home renovation costs vary widely and are likely to change based on where you stay. However, it’s vital to get an estimate that will guide you through the process.

Don’t be surprised to realize that the home renovation cost is much less than what you had planned for. Also, you’re likely to realize that you need to save more for your renovation project.

Pay Professionals

It’s pivotal to outsource your big projects. Hiring tradies for structural, electrical and plumbing work is a crucial step to take when viewed from the legal/financial perspective. Besides this, you avoid all unnecessary and unforeseen outgoings generated by DIY disasters when you hire a professional.

Carry out your research to get at least three quotes for every project to make it easy to consider the project cost and project timeline alternatives before hiring any professional. Services like hi-pages can save much of your time and make it easy to deal with the tradies.

Switch Materials

Switching to more affordable materials is another excellent point to consider if you want to cut the home renovation costs. By switching to more affordable materials, you’ll save your hard-earned cash. Also, taking this step will not affect your renovation’s overall aesthetic.

The bathroom or kitchen are excellent places to add more affordable materials and save money. Consider going for laminate instead of marble or stone benchtop as opposed to granite.

Also, go for laminate flooring instead of hardwood timber or quarry floor tiles as opposed to ceramic. Set aside the expensive materials for small-sized places where you plan to leave a statement.

Re-Use And Refurbish

Home renovation does not mean replacing old things with new things. Therefore, it’s pivotal to check if it’s possible to refurbish anything before arranging a council pick-up. For instance, if you plan to upgrade from flat-filled furniture, you can use the typical melamine wood to make storage units or shelves.

Besides this, you can reupholster cushions, sofas, and chairs for a new feel or convert your old side tables into ottomans.

Avoid Moving Plumbing

Are you arranging a bathroom renovation? If yes, consider making a considerable saving by maintaining your previous plumbing points. You can change everything, but remember to maintain all the facilities in one place because you’re likely to pay a lot and spend much of your time if you decide to move them.

Consider following this same procedure for your laundry plumbing points and kitchen plumbing points. Consult a qualified plumber to get tips on how to put your current layout to maximum use.

Consider Second-Hand Finds

You can also cut home renovation costs by mixing second-hand finds with high-end goods or new goods. Examples of the things you can save on include white goods, appliances, and furniture.

Visit stores and get to know about their factory seconds and floor stock. Mostly, they will have small markings/dents, which are easy to hide and go at a lower price.


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