Did you know natural light can benefit your mental health? Consider the direction of the sun and window placement when building or buying your home. If you want to learn more about window placement options, we can help.

This guide will go over how window orientation can play into the amount of natural light entering your home. Daylighting, how light enters your home, is something to consider.

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  1. Orientation and Windows

When you work on the design of your home with an architectural engineer, consider your needs.

You should consider the orientation of your home and how it will play a role in lighting up the area. What direction do your windows face? A north-facing window will provide less light and solar heat.

Yet, southern-facing windows will benefit you in the winter. Southern sunlight will bring some warmth and impact energy efficiency.

  1. What About Maximizing Natural Light?

Environmental factors and surrounding buildings affect the amount of sunlight in your home.

A lot of neighboring structures could impact how much sunlight you receive. Trees might also need to get addressed in your design.

  1. Different Kinds of Openings

You should consider the many kinds of openings you can leverage to bring in more natural light.

Skylights will bring in natural light from above. Light wells will also bring light in from a high window. You’ll enjoy a soft lighting effect. It’s also a practical solution if you want natural light but a private home.

Have you considered investing in sliding glass doors? Glass doors allow an abundance of daylight to enter your home. Create these openings and connect with nature.

If direct sunlight causes the room to overheat, consider picture windows. Picture windows will control the amount of daylight and limit extra solar heat.

  1. Have You Considered Window Coverings?

Window covering comes in a few different forms. They provide practical and aesthetic elements. Window coverings might feel like an afterthought. Yet, it’s beneficial to think about your options as you design your home.

Incorporate exterior window coverings like screens to manipulate light entering your home. You can also choose to block out the light.

Some people will invest in an artful screen that creates a dappled light effect. This will add visual intrigue to the space.

  1. Paint Color and Light

A tall room with massive windows will draw light deep into the area. It will amplify the brightness of the room and the connection to nature. An interior finish and color palette will also make an impact.

Neutrals will reflect the sunlight better compared to a room with dark finishes.

  1. What About Energy-Efficiency?

When you work on the design, you’ll need to think about the kind of windows you’ll buy. Consider getting energy-efficient windows. If you buy an older home, change the windows. Would you like an energy-efficient option for your window replacements? You can learn more here.

Don’t Forget About Daylighting

We hope this guide on daylighting was helpful. Consider how you can improve the natural light in your home design. Bring an airy atmosphere to your home. Are you looking for more design tips? Check out our blog resources and learn more about our holistic and modern approach to design and architecture.


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