So you have finished building your house but don’t know what to choose between a deck and a patio for the outdoor space. In this article, you will discover information that will help you make the right choice for your home and expand your house with space for relaxing sessions with your family members or doing certain outdoor activities in your spare time. There are numerous practical ways in which a deck or patio can expand your living space.

What are the main differences between a deck and a patio?

Wood is the main material used in creating decks. This material must be properly sealed and pressure-treated in order to resist the weather and all other outdoor conditions. If built above the ground, guardrails are required in order to sustain the deck. Wood is a material that dies relatively quickly, so it can also be used for hot tubs. There are practically two main types of decks: those built at ground level, similar to a patio, and those that can be elevated as a balcony. Some homeowners may prefer to add some deck stairs in their deck designs.

In modern houses, decks are often created in order to extend the space of the kitchen or living room, which is a perfect space for outdoor dining and entertainment.

If we are talking about patios, you need to know that they are ground-level paved areas that can be designed in various ways and can be made from different materials. A patio does not necessarily need to be attached to the house; it can also be built freestanding. Patios can be used for sloped yards as well due to the fact that they can be personalized with landscaping. One of the main differences between patios and decks is that a patio is often cheaper to build and may last much longer due to their materials: concrete, gravel, patio stones, pavers, tiles or cobblestones.

Also, getting the best outside furniture will improve the look of your patio, garden, or balcony! In order to choose the best outdoor patio furniture, there is plenty to consider. Here you can look into the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture to show you the best products on the market

deck and patio

Consider the following points to help you make a decision

1. Pay close attention to your budget

A basic patio may cost less than a basic deck, so if you are short on cash, opt for the first option. In both cases, your property will be increased in space at a minimal cost per square foot because you are adding an outdoor space. The budget for your property extension depends on the followings:

  • Location: you need to consider the overall design and layout of your home when creating the outdoor space since they both need to fall in line.
  • The service you request: the new investment that you make in your home is not only for your own enjoyment but also for a possible resale in the future. Make sure you plan your budget in such a way as to hire the best professionals that will ensure the work is done properly. In order to make sure that you get the best out of the proposed outdoor space, you will need to hire an architect or landscape designer. Moreover, an experienced contractor will help you create an outdoor space that can integrate with the overall design of your home properly.
  • Size: an important aspect that you need to consider when planning your budget would be the amount of space necessary for outdoor living. Think about the right square footage that you will require in order to fit your outdoor items.
  • Materials: there are different prices for every kind of material, so make sure you decide on whether you will opt for a deck or a patio.

2. Don’t forget about the maintenance aspect

You have to think about the amount of maintenance before deciding between a deck and a patio.

Experts recommend cleaning the decks thoroughly once every six months. The first time is in the first quarter of the year, in the spring, right after the pollen season. The second time is in late fall after all the trees shed their leaves. You should never power wash your deck in case it is made from a plastic material. You should also check for split wood, loose nails, and cracking paint once every 12 months.


You should also program a repainting session for your painted deck at least once a year. In order to ensure longevity for your wooden deck, you should reseal it once every few years.

Due to the fact that the materials used in creating patios are hardier, maintenance is much easier. A patio made of stones does not require a resealing session. However, you may need to replace any cracked brick or stone that may appear during the course of time. You also need to clean your patio every few weeks in order to prevent mildew, in case it is made out of concrete.

3. What are you planning to do with your outdoor space?

If you don’t know what kind of deck to choose, you can always search the web for deck builders near me to get an expert opinion. However, there are some questions that you can ask yourself to help make up your mind. Do you imagine yourself drinking your morning coffee in front of your house? If so, the views provided by a raised deck may suit your needs perfectly. On the other side, if you want to lounge near a bed of beautifully blooming flowers, then you should probably consider a patio space. In any case, a deck and a patio offer you the opportunity to gather your friends and family and enjoy some beautiful time in the warm sunshine.



You should consider all aspects listed above when comparing deck vs. patio and cost. Make sure you select all the right materials and the right size of both a patio and a deck that you desire. The next step would be to think about the maintenance aspects and costs that are required for both. Last but not least, you need to add the costs of the product and installation process. A great way to make up your mind would be to divide the final cost by the life expectancy of both options and to evaluate which is more cost-effective.