When considering having a unique backyard, you should think beyond just having a deck or a pool. The value of the backyard guest house gets neglected as a major asset to any house. While they have been associated with large, wonderful homes with excessive space, you can fit in a backyard house in virtually any space.


Look at it this way, if you can have room for medium size storage shed contained in your backyard, you may consider it as a guest house! By that, I mean Guesthouses are not an added luxury, but they have a lot of benefits that can add a new level to your design for your home.

Backyard Guest house design

Benefits of Guest Houses

Therefore, Guesthouses can have a lot of benefits to what they can add to your home. The optimal benefit is the degree of value it adds to your home. Simply you are benefiting from something that already exists there. This brings a major added value boost especially when you plan to sell your house later.

Backyard houses

in the financial aspect are very good investments since you can rent them out and gain a nice return on investment. If you plan to do that, you better make sure the guest house design shall meet the building code and acquire pass inspection. You are better off building a completely separate home or choosing to share amenities and also utilities with the main house.

Another great feature to have been the popular option to have a place for your adult children moving back after finishing college education, or in case the elderly family wishes to be close by. They will be nearby with the consideration they are independently located from the main house.

A considerable benefit in designing a guest house from extra space in your house is that you will always have a renovated apartment or guest room already there. Attic and basement are two suitable options to look into for home renovation. If these two places are so far finished and still need storage space, by building a separate place in your backyard, you will be able to avoid any disturbances eventually coming with renovating the main house.

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Guest House Structures

One good reminder is that the actual structure you are building depends entirely on your home style. It is up to you to have the guest house match the main house or have it stand up uniquely on its own. Now if you are contemplating investing in a prefab building and hiring a contractor, or thinking of a complete DIY project since it is going to be much smaller compared to your main house, you are much better off to leave this one to professionals if you are not an experienced do-it-yourself individual.

Another wonderful approach to designing your desired guest house is considering tiny houses that are very. Interestingly enough, the same design principles are incorporated in both tiny houses and guest houses. If someone is willing to live in this space full time, it is very a practical option since you find all the comforts of a standard home in one compact package.

Now speaking of continuity of traditional design in your entire property, the shed-like structure is an ideal solution. While having a simple look on an exterior of a property, you can indulge yourself to however design you find suits your taste, especially where you are obligated to abide by the homeowners Association restrictions regarding backyard structures.

Small cabins render a different edge to your traditional shed design. A-Frame Cabin or small wood home, either way, you will add some degree of rustic charm to your backyard house.

If you are wishing to give a sensational look to your backyard, consider a treehouse guest house. Since backyards are children’s getaways, they are considered to be extravagant, but it surely gives your home an edge compared to others.

General landscaping and the design of pathways with correct lighting is another issue that has to be considered during the design phase of your guest house. I have a great impact on the overall aesthetics of your property.

Guest house design lighting
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Guest House Floor Plans

There are a small number of ways to approach your backyard as to how to go about the interior layout. A lot of these decisions you are about to make depend on how you plan to use the space.


The simplest way of using the space is as a guest room. This bedroom will be the only one in the main house, separated in its own space. Even though it shares amenities with the main house, it would be a great idea to use it for family and friends in place of renting the space.


In this distinctive bedroom design, you may decide to incorporate different elements in it as you wish. The private bathroom is very popular for some homeowners to integrate into their guest house, of course, it consumes more time to construct. Digging and laying new pipes for your backyard house is a time-consuming issue. The same will be true about incorporating a kitchen and renting the guest house.


Now, the solution to incorporate all these amenities into a small tiny house is a loft. By fitting it in your design, you will free up some spaces on the floor for adding a bathroom or kitchen. These lofts are generally used as a bedroom and using the space below for communal areas.


If you plan to design a bedroom loft, the point you need to take into consideration is to have a safe and stable way to reach it. Especially this is important if you decide to rent this space, or you have an older family member in mind to move in. The traditional straight stairs not only take away from a large amount of your space, but you will also face a larger footprint at your guest house.


Traditional stairs seem likely to be the only substitute for a loft ladder. This type of stair is normally chosen because its frame is very small. Also, loft ladders are considered to be unstable and hard to use for some and also do not feature handrails or full steps. To overcome the shortcoming of these two, the spiral staircase is the solution


Lastly, spiral stairs are the perfect alternative for those who look for a loft stair design. Aside from that, they have a tiny small footprint that does not protrude from the small circle designated in the corner of your home’s backyard. However, if you found interested in custom-made staircase fitting, salter spiral stairs suit you well in material selection and design ranging from individual to handrail options.

Guest house interior design

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Guest House Interiors

When you start designing your main house’s interior, your intention is to have it reflect your home’s personality. The ways in which it can be done is by selecting your taste in wall colors, desired different textures, and your choice of décor accents. No matter how small your guest house is, it has similar potential.

Now, as far as interior design

the style you choose for your guest house can match your main house, or you may take advantage of a new and discrete space. If you feel the interior design of your main house seems lackluster, you may play around with different aesthetics and styles until you are satisfied with the perfect design for your guest house.


If you are looking for a cozy getaway spot in your backyard, a rustic tiny house interior will suit you well. Now, if you wish to build a cabin in the backyard with a woodsy retreat look, reflecting through the entire space, you should design a style that is filled with natural beauty.

The dominating materials that are used in this design style are wood and tiny metal accents which are very popular nowadays. Using metal might take away the aesthetic of woodwork, on the contrary, making it display its natural beauty even more.

After incorporating rustic frame design into your tiny house interior, the fitting furniture and accent adoption will help tie the entire area together. Of course, leather couches and armchairs will enhance the design style. Reclaimed wood and re-purposed items are to give a finished job to the design.


This elegant home design is a superb choice for those homeowners longing for a splendid space for their guests. A minimalist design can give a lot of inspiration to a modern design style, radiating a bright and clean aesthetic to the entire space. The immediate effect is that it helps your tiny house feel larger and more special.

Now when it comes to choosing a mixture of colors, natural and bright colors are more appealing. As you might find the white wall rather intimidating, you go for slightly mellower white. It is suggested to couple clean colors with a streamlined design. Think about curvatures not too sharp and geometric shapes in order to have a fine and unique contrast without having the space overwhelmed.

To create a light and airy feeling for the guest house, ignore heavy-looking furniture. In modern homes, acrylic tables and light color seating are very popular nowadays.


To match your present home design, the finest choice is traditional guesthouses, since it pays major attention to comfort and is not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. Your guests or tenants are expected to feel at ease and find comfort in the house.

Traditional wall colors are soothing and calm naturals. Contemporary mushroom colors are the fashionable color of today’s design. In comparison to a standard, grey is warmer and cooler than beige which is a perfect color to choose for your traditional guest house design.

Simplicity is vital for keeping your traditional space rather relaxing and comforting. Do not overwhelm your typical space with ornate punctuality. Simple lines in your furniture could be highlighted by the rich wood tone of the armchair accompanied by side tables.

In every aspect of your design, you shall find much potential for your guest house. Now, whether you are planning to rent it out, or keep it as it is for family and friends, you will find great value in your small backyard home.

If you find a multi-floor tiny house, and a sound design for your backyard, our designers can help you out today to begin your spiral stair design.