With the popularity of new materials and technology, coastal design trends are constantly evolving. Coastal architecture is usually attributed to beachy architectural style, focusing on softer tones and enhanced natural light. The natural world inspires the careful design of seaside homes, which can benefit from that “summer feeling” all year round.

Of course, the utilization of light is a primary focus. The main goal of coastal interior design is to easily transition from indoor to outdoor areas, frequently through full glass doors, tall windows, and skylights. Our Realtors in VA Beach explore the trending designs for beach vacation homes, from nature-inspired accents to tastefully chosen bursts of color and pattern.

Activate the blue

Blue is the most popular beach house color as it complements the environment. It can be used as a home’s exterior color to counterbalance a predominantly white décor plan in table vignettes. Additionally, there are plenty of hues, including slate, aquamarine, indigo, and navy. Blue is also a typical color for beach houses because it evokes thoughts of peace and tranquility. Like the ocean, it is frequently characterized as serene and calm.

Frameless glass windows and door systems

Floor-to-ceiling windows and doors have become a common feature of opulent beach vacation homes. Glass doors and full-sized windows let in more natural light while adding a super-modern appeal and contemporary style. Almost all vacation homes adhere to this as a de facto standard. But in the modern design, the view is unobstructed by large and bulky frames.

Frameless doors and windows enable a genuinely seamless integration of the indoor and outdoor spaces. This technological advantage provides property owners and architects with something they have long desired: completely unhindered views without sacrificing safety or security.

Integrated living areas

Creating integrated living areas and landscapes that improve and complement the surrounding natural environment is becoming a growing emphasis for architects. Being in love with the environment has grown more crucial as people spend more and more time indoors.

The prominence of integrated living spaces that flow naturally into the outdoors is a growing trend in coastal design. Integrated landscapes offer contemporary appeal, raise property value, and expand the usable space.

Wicker patio dining sets

Modern coastal design has seen a notable resurgence of wicker furniture.Beautiful light or darker-toned wicker and resin armchairs contrast the primary neutral color scheme of the seaside design. Its organic textures, however, maintain the style’s groundedness and link to classic coastal design. Rattan is another excellent material for the contemporary seaside style. Its versatility in complementing other materials makes it a mainstay of contemporary coastal design.

Minimalist kitchens

Finally, many people are now realizing that simple living is the greatest approach to valuing their surroundings. This thinking even reaches the kitchen. Many older waterfront or coastal property owners accepted that they had to include minimalism in their designs. Before, almost everything featured images of fish, coral, dolphins, or the ocean, such as prints. More coastal homes are now featuring minimalism to keep it simple.