Whether you are designing a big house or small apartment, it is essential to keep in mind the needs of people who will stay there. Every building requires different modifications and upgrades, so an architect or architectural firm has to be precise in its approach. When it comes to designing motel rooms, there are other factors to consider. The motel usually has one or two floors having outdoor room entrances. It should have all the essential amenities to make people feel like a home. From design to room spaces, everything requires proper research to craft perfect motel rooms.

It depends on your requirements and budget, how you want to design your motel room. A well-designed motel room should provide convenience to the people living there. It should not make people feel congested. There should be enough space in motel rooms from the bathroom to the fridge to adjust everything perfectly without any hassle. Let’s explore what you need to consider while designing motel rooms.

Keep the Basics Right

It is essential to understand that designing motel rooms is not rocket science. You have to keep the basics right to provide customers convenience. For example, suppose you plan a short business or personal trip in Pecos, Texas. In that case, you will look for options to meet basic needs. While looking for motels in pecos tx, you will ensure that the motel has spacious rooms, comfortable beds, and basic facilities. By putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, you will develop motel room designs to fulfill their basic needs. Your consultation with an architectural design is also recommended.

You have to ensure that there is sufficient space in a room for TV. By hanging the TV on the wall, you can save ample space from adjusting other items. Try to fix HDMI TVs in rooms, so guests can easily connect their devices to enjoy their favorite shows. Also, you have to leave space to adjust the bed easily in the room. Ensure that the bed is comfortable so customers do not face any difficulty while resting. At least one clothing cupboard should be in the room with enough space to keep stuff for four to five people. You have to keep in mind all these points to ensure nothing lacks in the basic amenities of your motel room.

Create the Right Ambience

To develop the right ambiance for your motel rooms, you must make rooms feel spacious. It could be difficult or easier to do according to the size of the rooms. Add mirrors to build the illusion of space and make rooms feel bigger than their actual size. You can also place the horizontally-oriented mirror over the bed.

It is crucial to analyze the layout of the motel room to decide what is required. Do not keep lots of tables, floor lamps, and chairs in rooms that are taking space. You should also not keep fragile items in the room that can break easily.

Choosing the right colors is also essential to create the right feel and look of the room. While designing motel rooms, try to pick vibrant colors like yellow, bright lime, or orange to refresh the room. Such warm colors will evoke positive feelings like optimism and enthusiasm in customers. It will energize them and make their stay soothing.

Assess your Target Audience

Analyzing your target market will help you big time in designing motel rooms. You should ask yourself who is most likely to be the clientele of your motel, whether it is business owners or a family who is coming on vacation. If you expect business people to stay in your hotel, you should install coffee machines in rooms. It means you have to design the room accordingly. On the other hand, to make rooms more family-oriented, connect rooms with a side door. It will help if you examine these factors before creating motel rooms. If you do not have a clear idea of which type of people will come to your motel, you must maintain the balance while designing rooms. You have to be flexible to ensure that you are meeting the demands of all types of audiences.

Analyze your Budget and Safety Codes

Budget is one of the integral factors while designing motel rooms. It would be best if you had a firm grasp on the amount of money you could spend per room. The size of motel rooms depends on how much you can invest. Once you are sure about your budget, you can plan the design of rooms accordingly.

While designing motel rooms, you also have to remember safety protocols. You have to ensure that the motel has the necessary fire alarms, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers. Considering all these factors, you have to design your motel rooms to ensure proper safety measures for customers.


Designing motel rooms is not an overnight process. It takes time and effort to create a suitable design that can meet the needs of customers efficiently. To perfectly design motel rooms, you have to think that you have to stay in a motel. It will help you understand the needs of customers and design rooms accordingly. The most important factor for a successful design is choosing the right architectural, structure, and MEP design firm that can handle the required different designs for you. This includes an architectural design, structural design, and MEP design firm that offers all the services or different firms for each industry.


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