When selling/buying a house, there are several regulations you have to meet to complete the transaction. Also, expect to get confused, stressed, and overwhelmed when working towards the closing date. One common misconception or confusing aspect you’ll encounter is that home inspectors offer the same services as building inspectors. However, a building inspector is quite different from a home inspector.

So, what’s the difference between building inspectors and home inspectors? Let’s see!

Home Inspectors

One pivotal point you should note is that a government agency cannot affiliate home inspectors. These inspectors play a critical role in inspecting the house’s condition for a house buyer.

In rare cases, home inspectors inspect the properties under construction, but mainly they inspect completed constructions or existing homes. They visually inspect the house’s accessible and visible places.

Besides this, home inspectors dig deep during inspections by testing the home’s windows, doors, major appliances, plumbing systems, and electrical systems to ensure everything is in good condition.

Moreover, home inspectors aim to disclose deep-rooted issues with the home. They uncover structural issues or foundation problems and assess the house’s roof condition.

After completing the inspection process, they compile a report relating to the house’s condition. This report includes all the defects/problems they identified and the necessary maintenance services needed.

However, it’s vital to take your time when hiring home inspectors to ensure you get a professional. Ensure that you ask relevant questions during this exercise to find an inspector who matches your needs/requirements.

Also, check how long the home inspector has been delivering services in this field to ensure you get an experienced and professional one. Moreover, check the inspector’s training, qualifications, certifications, and the projects they have handled so far.

For example, consider prioritizing a home inspector with previous construction experience or experience related to this field. Besides this, you’ll want to assign your project to a home inspector with a robust background in this field.

Building Inspectors

The primary difference between building inspectors and home inspectors is that the building inspectors work as the government’s employees. Country building departments or city building departments are the most common sectors that hire building inspectors.

The building inspectors play a critical role in inspecting residential and commercial buildings. Note that home inspectors only inspect residential homes, hence another significant difference with the building inspectors.

Generally, building inspectors inspect the real estate to ensure it complies with the laid down local ordinances/codes. They inspect safety issues, such as emergency exits, gas appliance installation, smoke alarms, and the strength of the structural members.

Unlike home inspectors, building inspectors don’t focus on checking if the construction is in perfect condition or not. They don’t check the workmanship quality or if the appliances are in working condition.

Instead, building inspectors assess the building’s “insides” and the things to cover after completing the construction process. They ensure the building is up to the laid down building codes and has a safe skeleton.

Mostly, building inspectors do the inspection process as the building gets its permit. This exercise involves several progress evaluations and ends with the issuance of a building permit. Mostly, the building inspectors do this process before a building renovation or after purchasing the building.

Final Thoughts

Now, are you wondering if you can work as a home inspector and building inspector simultaneously? Yes, you can become a home inspector and building inspector, but you may find this combination to be a bit challenging.

A building inspector is a full-time government employee, meaning you don’t have enough time to handle another career. However, there are cases where you can work as a building inspector and home inspector, especially in areas with small populations.


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