2022 has already begun, and many eatery owners plan to redesign their restaurants. Besides this, each sees the opening of several new restaurants, meaning it’s indispensable to ensure your establishment allures the consumer’s attention. In this contest of emerging the most preferred eatery in your local place, the considerations go over pouring exceptional cocktails and serving good meals. The overall exercise needs a catchy esthetical that’ll attract consumers and make them keep returning. So, which are the different restaurant design styles to consider for 2022? Let’s see!

Avoid Distractions

Each restaurant owner wants consumers to love the eatery’s services, cocktails, and dishes. As the individuals start leading back out, their primary objective is to connect, and they don’t expect to be sidetracked by needless restoration gimmicks.

Televisions fall under the most significant diversions in several restaurants. Mostly, eateries will have several TVs playing live sporting events, and consumers tend to concentrate on those activities instead of the individuals with the restaurant they’re supposed to connect with.

Therefore, remove TVs from the restaurant walls to allow customers to enjoy exceptional experiences with their family members and colleagues. However, the idea to remove TVs from the walls will depend on the restaurant style.

Television is an unavoidable feature if it’s an entertainment or sports-themed restaurant. Any higher-end restaurant needs to remove this diversion to allow consumers to concentrate on the eatery highlights, such as ambiance, meals, and drinks.

Excite The Guest’s Senses Using Design

Biophilic restaurant design

Experiential design entails creating unique spaces using aromas, videos, textures, and arts. An experientially stylish eatery will engage the customers’ senses, exposing them to unique experiences they’ll take much time to forget.

Biophilic restaurant design falls under the comparatively new design methods that also appear under the experiential design aspects. This design entails applying processes that provide the restaurant’s indoor environment with the outdoor experience.

Equipping the restaurant design with florals & vegetation makes the customers feel the garden experience. It ensures the clients don’t feel like they’re cooped up inside the restaurant. However, applying seating, tables, and bar fronts with natural tones is indispensable when implementing the biophilic design. This step ensures you don’t replicate the native styles. Also, consider applying terrazzo to tie in wood & stone elements.

Besides this, it’s pivotal to involve an interior designer whenever developing your menu. Moreover, tie in the restaurant aesthetic with drinks/meals you serve. Consider developing aromas filled with heavy floral influence drinks if your eatery has garden themes.

For a darker-toned restaurant, such as a steakhouse filled with darker-toned and robust themes, create unique drinks packed with maple/smoke influences. You’ll develop immersive experiences that the customers will never forget if you tie your eatery menu with your preferred design.

COVID-Related Design Development

COVID-related restaurant design styles

As bars started operating after COVID restrictions, there was the implementation of several design methods to ensure customers remained socially distanced and safe. Restaurants can also implement these safety methods to make their spaces unique.

However, several COVID-related design styles are outdated since most individuals have received vaccines. The implementation of the primary COVID design style up to now is the creation of self-seclusion dome eating areas.

Instead of relying on plastic domes that several restaurants incorporate, consider going for higher back seats that hug consumers and allow them to feel they’re in a private space. Facilitate transparency by going for architectural pieces. This step also provides a separation layout.

Develop see-through restaurant walls using different materials instead of constructing solid barriers. Also, allow other group separation and ensure each individual feels like part of the general restaurant experience using the same materials.

Make extra steps by using fixing dining pods. These play an indispensable role in ensuring the eatery feels like its unique, intimate room. Customers can enjoy dining in a public room while feeling guarded and out of danger. You can get dining pods in areas where individuals want private experiences, and the restaurant’s ambiance endures simultaneously, like date nights.

Generally, the all-inclusive rule to design an exceptional eatery is to create a unique esthetical. Develop a space that can attract customers, keep them for an extended time, make them return consumers, and ensure they share the excellent experience with their colleagues


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