Updating your home is a great way to personalize your living space. Although you might want to create a built-in bookshelf or take out a wall, will your investment improve your property’s value when it’s time to move? These are 10 dream home additions that pay off in the long run and make better investments than other surprisingly common renovations.

1. Large Walk-In Shower

Walk-In Showers

When you’re thinking about starting a project with a great return on investment (ROI), consider your bathroom. Luxury bathroom fixtures make potential buyers prioritize your property because they want to elevate their living space. Consider installing a walk-in shower to cater to that need. You’ll also make your home more accessible to buyers who plan to retire and don’t want to risk falling while stepping over the edge of a bathtub just to shower.

2. Curbside Stone Veneer


People want to live in a beautiful home, so they’ll pay more for a property with a curbside appeal. A new stone veneer across the front of your home adds that overnight. The stone is easy to personalize according to your earth-tone preferences and keeps hot weather outside by insulating your house.

Stone veneers also have the highest ROI recoup value at 95.6%, beating out siding replacements and a new front door. You’ll make most of your investment back when your home goes on the market, especially if the veneer is relatively new.

3. New Garage Door

Garage doors are an excellent investment for a few reasons. First, they’re a significant part of what keeps homeowners safe. An older door may break and become easy to open without a keypad code or automatic opener button. Updated models also block hot air from seeping into your home and forcing your HVAC unit to run more frequently. Install a new door and your home’s value will jump overnight.

4. Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area

If you have a great backyard, you should be able to make memories out there. An outdoor kitchen and dining area are the perfect ways to enjoy outdoor space. Therefore, consider them as your next renovation project. Use an outdoor stove or grill to make delicious meals and dine on patio seating made with popular materials like wicker or synthetic fabrics.

Don’t forget that spending more time outside also increases your sun exposure. An awning will keep everyone safe by blocking harmful ultraviolet (UV) light while you hang out on your patio from spring to fall. Think about whether you want a fixed awning or a motorized model that retracts with the press of a button. If you plan to live in your home long-term, the ease of a remote-controlled awning will make staying outdoors more enjoyable.

5. New Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a highly durable material, so it’s useful when making windows. The panes and framing bear the brunt of all the weather systems that pass over your house. If they break down, rain leaks into your home. The air passing through the leaks also creates condensation, which results in mold growth that threatens your family’s health.

New windows are some of the best dream home additions that pay off in the long run. They ensure your health and safety while ensuring an average ROI of 85% because the updated materials are an equally worthy investment to the home’s future buyers.

6. Sealed Wooden Deck

Sealed wooden Deck

A deck is a great way to create outdoor memories if your yard gets muddy after even light rain showers. You’ll always have a clean place to dine under your new awning or fill a plastic pool for your kids, but only if you finish the deck with sealant.

A high-quality sealant makes any deck stand the test of time because it’s waterproof. Even after months of intense weather, your wood planks and railings won’t break down. Check with an expert at a local home improvement store for a suitable sealant for your deck’s specific wood.

7. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Anything with an energy-efficiency guarantee is a budget-friendly home addition. Although it may require an upfront investment, you’ll start saving money as soon as the appliance starts working. A new water heater could save 14% of your household energy usage by only heating water on demand. A dishwasher or refrigerator that needs less electricity to function will also make an immediate difference in your monthly electric bill.

Consider updating your appliances during your next renovation project. Your home’s value will improve if the buyers get the appliances with the house. You’ll also expand your monthly budget by saving money through new household features that don’t need as much electricity to provide the same daily comforts.

8. Vinyl Wood Flooring

Vinyl Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a project with a guaranteed positive ROI for homeowners. It’s a sturdy material that creates a gorgeous interior design scheme, but it can also be financially out of the question for many people on a budget.

Swap traditional wood flooring for a vinyl alternative in the same shades and grain patterns. Vinyl flooring is an economical replacement and lasts for 10-20 years, unlike its wood counterpart. Natural wood becomes warped with water exposure and general use after years of household traffic patterns. Vinyl is much more durable and easy to install without paying professional help.

9. Freshly Painted Walls

When someone decides to sell their house, their realtor will advise them to remove anything that’s too personal. Potential buyers need a layout that’s easy to imagine decorating with their furniture and other belongings. Besides taking your family pictures down for photos, you should also repaint your walls.

Homes with walls in bold colors like dark red or brown sold for $2,310 less than expected because no one wanted the work of repainting them. Instead, invest in your home by painting your walls neutral or soft shades. Your home’s value won’t need to decrease to become a dream property for the right buyer.

10. Heat-Resistant Landscaping

Heat-resistant Landscaping

Even a home with the latest appliances and design additions won’t be worth much if the landscaping dies every summer. Improve your year-round curb appeal by adding heat-resistant plants and grass to your yard. High-quality landscaping guarantees an ROI on your initial investment and any upkeep costs. This is the case, especially if you live in a region where extreme heat presents a constant battle to homeowners with traditional plants.


Consider Profitable Dream Home Additions

These are some of the best dream home additions that pay off in the long run.  Therefore, consider them while you’re thinking about renovating your house. Whether you want to create memories in your backyard or get the property ready for the housing market, you’ll make a significant return on investment by choosing any of these improvement projects.


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