Keeping your commercial building maintained at all times is necessary, especially if people are using it every day. Usually, commercial buildings will have offices that have employees working from Mondays to Fridays. They need to rely on the building to help them do business, but they cannot do that when your building has electrical problems.

Typically, based on the electrical design of your building, you would have an electrician check and resolve the electrical issues out. However, a time will come when those issues will turn into something worse, potentially injuring or fatally wound people who encounter them. If you want to keep your commercial building safe at all times, you can find several expert tips on electrical safety that other building owners follow.

Ensure All Building Appliances are in Top Condition

The first step to avoiding electrical problems is to check every appliance inside the commercial building. There are some instances when building tenants would use a broken appliance, and it would electrocute them. The best way to avoid that electrical problem is to have electricians and appliance technicians inspect them. It would be best to inspect when no people are working inside the building aside from building personnel.

Once your technicians and electricians give you a breakdown of which appliances are in good condition and ones that are not, you should have them replaced as quickly as possible. You should never leave an appliance unfixed if you want to keep everyone inside the commercial building safe. As long as you conduct weekly or monthly electrical inspections, you shouldn’t have to expect any severe electrical issues.

Be Aware of Electrical Cords 

If you have extension cords lying around in the open, that is a potential electrical safety hazard that could cause people to trip. A time will come when someone could damage the cord and expose the electricity inside. If a person comes into contact with that, expect that they will get shocked and get injured. What will make it even worse if children touch those exposed wires, which can become deadly for them.

You need to ask your maintenance personnel to properly lay the electrical cords neatly to avoid any mishaps and keep the cord safe. If ever the cord gets damaged, you will need to have it repaired or replaced, which costs money. A good tip when leaving out extension cords is never to place them in sharp-cornered areas. Workers might need to tug the cord closer, and the cord will rub on the sharp corner and damage it.

Keep an Eye Out for the Lighting

Your maintenance personnel should also look for the building’s lights and ensure they’re lighting up adequately. They should replace any burnt-out light bulbs with newer ones to keep the building’s interior well-lit. Another good tip with the building’s lighting is to watch out for bulbs that may explode.

Usually, an exploding light bulb means that the manufacturers didn’t place enough insulation. At some point, those bulbs might explode when there are nearby people and cause electrical safety issues. Such accidents can injure people because of the shattered glass scattering due to the explosion. Your maintenance personnel needs to inspect the light bulbs before they install to prevent that problem.

If your building’s maintenance personnel needs access to behind drywall surfaces, ensure they gain convenient access by installing drywall access panels and doors. Besides saving themselves time, it also prevents them from destroying the surface and making it look unappealing.


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