The productivity that you can facilitate within your employees will make or break your business. You could have the best product or service to hit the market in a decade, but if you don’t have the employees and cohesive team to fulfill orders and organize service appointments, then this is largely redundant. The team that you create needs to be highly motivated and feel empowered before they can be productive. Take a look at how you can empower productivity in your workforce.




Your staff will feel valued if you communicate with them. Don’t be one of those bosses that stays in their own office with the door closed all day, every day. This makes you look aloof and out of touch. You need to be approachable and have a transparent and honest ethos when it comes to communicating with your team. Ensure that you have a Monday morning briefing every week where you can detail the targets for the days ahead. Allow this to be an open forum where your staff team can air their views and give their ideas about initiatives. On Fridays, send an email namechecking those workers who have gone above and beyond their targets. By giving this little bit of positive praise, you are showing your staff that you value them which empowers them to be more productive.


There’s nothing worse for an employee than to have poor quality equipment. Instead, you need to facilitate an excellent and productive working environment to allow them to succeed. Swap the below-par desktops with some new laptops. Embrace new technology where you can and stretch your budget by investing in industry-specific technology. Consider purchasing a business phone system that allows you to embrace remote working. By allowing your staff team to work from home and have a more flexible approach to their ways of working, you are giving them responsibility for their own task management. As far as you should be concerned, as long as the tasks are completed to an exceptional standard and on time, this is all that matters.


When you head to the office every morning, you need to think about how you will ensure that the working environment is conducive to productive working. Drafty windows, damp walls, beige carpet tiles, and peeling paint wouldn’t inspire anyone to work at their best. Swap the solo working booths for collaborative working pods, add some greenery into the office, whip out the white paint, and put up some inspiring artwork. Ask your staff what they want from their workplace. It could be something as simple as an ergonomically designed chair to help them feel more comfortable at their desk. Treat your employees like people and empathize. What would you need from an employer to be productive? If you can answer this question and act upon it, you will enjoy the promise of a productive team working for you.

Being productive means achieving targets quickly and being innovative with your work. Empowering your staff team to do this takes effort, but your business will reap the rewards.