Construction sites are busy, dynamic areas where many people are present. Numerous workers are engaged in activities that expose them to safety hazards. Bystanders and passersby are also exposed to construction hazards.

It is the reason why implementing preventive measures is crucial. Among the preventive measures that must be implemented are wearing hard hats and construction safety vests, enclosing the construction area, and, most importantly, using barrier boards. Barrier boards have been used in construction sites for the longest time. Here are some reasons why its usage in construction sites is essential.

Added Safety

The first reason barrier boards are present in construction sites is that they provide added safety to the area. It complements the yellow tape and fence that construction sites usually place. These boards help prevent life-threatening construction accidents, considered the leading cause of death in the field.

Prevent People From Falling

Deaths from falls are around 17 percent of job-related fatalities, but in construction, the number is almost 40 percent. This is the leading cause of fatality in the field. Among the actions done to address this problem is using barrier boards.

By using these reliable safety tools, construction companies are trying to prevent workers from falling off scaffolds, roofs, and any elevated area. They’re putting a buffer so construction workers will not fall when they slip or accidentally step on the wrong platform.

Avoid People Getting Hit By Falling Debris

When barrier boards are used in construction sites, they are usually placed in areas where a lot of debris might fall. It ensures that construction workers and inspectors do not cross the barrier without essential safety equipment like a hard hat and safety vest.

Although many safety measures are taken in construction sites, the likelihood of debris falling is still high. As such, preventive measures are critical for reducing injury and equipment damage.

Increase Awareness

The presence of barrier boards reminds construction workers, passersby, and bystanders of the possible hazards a construction site entails. Hazards signages can also be attached to all these boards in and around the construction site. These efforts increase public awareness of safety hazards on the construction site.

Informs The Public

Understanding the perils of being around the construction site is crucial. Using a barrier board is the simplest way for construction companies and workers to inform the public of the safety hazards around the site.

It allows the public to make informed decisions on where to walk or park their cars near the construction site. Barrier boars provide them with the essential information everyone needs to know because construction sites are a permanent fixture in every developing city or town.

Indicate Danger Zones

Placing these boards in a particular area in the construction site signifies that this particular area is a danger zone. This is an accident-prone area, and construction workers must be careful working in it.

Additional Security 

Barrier boards also provide additional security to the construction site. It makes the work of the security team or guards much easier as it adds a layer of hurdle that criminals must overcome if they would target the construction site as the next victim.

Secure Equipment

Construction equipment is an integral part of construction. Without the construction equipment, the construction will indeed not be finished. They make the work of the construction workers much more efficient and safer.

This is why securing them is very important. Construction equipment must be protected from criminals. Using these tools helps secure construction equipment as it barricades it in order not to allow this construction equipment to be taken and used except by authorized authorities.

Close Off-Limits Area

Using these barriers ensures that there will be no unauthorized entry not only in the construction site but, most importantly, in the off-limits area. This ensures not only the safety of all bystanders and passersby not allowed in the construction site but also construction workers not assigned in the off-limits work area.

These off-limits areas are usually reserved for the most skilled construction workers since these are the areas that pose the most safety hazards. Ensuring that only the best and most skilled workers are here is a precaution that construction companies must always take.

An off-limit area can also be the office of the engineer or architect, where all the plans are secured and are not open to anyone unless they are authorized to be there. This ensures that construction plans will not be tampered with by competitors or any delinquent person.

Final Thoughts

Construction sites are a staple of a growing and developing city. They symbolize the progress that the city is experiencing. It is also the site of numerous safety hazards that cause hundreds of deaths.

It is the reason why implementing preventive measures in construction sites is critical. This is not only for the safety of the construction workers but also for the general public. The barrier board is the most reliable and all-around precautionary measure that all construction companies must employ. It’s practical and serves many purposes. It not only provides added safety and security but also relevant information.