Great Ideas to Expand your Home

The idea to expand the home is a novelty for many people; adding a yard, bring in more light, raising the roof, and creating more space for a growing family are some superb ideas that can make your home take a new look, and for real, all these are within your reach. If you will also love to have an office from home for your business, there is a way you can go about it.

The first thing you need to do is to get some advice from architects and review their opinions so as to know the options to opt for.

Some interesting ideas you can explore to expand your home are detailed below:

Connect to the Yard

One of the most practical expansion ideas, especially for older houses, is to have an extension at the back of the house where the kitchen and the family rooms are. This extension gives a sense of more space in the house.

Use of Various Materials

With the decision to extend the house to the backyard, it would be ideal to use a different material other than the material used for the main house so as to reduce the cost. Using timber for the extension instead of the original material used for the main house will definitely reduce the cost while giving the extension a nice look too.

various materials

Minding the Scale

There is the possibility of finding that the extension is bigger than you expect, especially after extending into the backyard; you might want to demarcate the space with different matching designs to create more private cubicles you can use for different activities.

expand the home - Minding the Scale

Creating a Jewel Box

Another addition you might want to add to the idea to expand your home is creating a conservatory-like area where you can have space and light. With this unique addition to your home, you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round.

 expend the home -Creating a Jewel Box

Make a Great Statement

This is an opportunity to flaunt the beauty of your home. For every design, you plan to execute, ensure you include the visible contrast between the old part of the house and the new expansion. Having the same colors and designs will make the whole piece blend together and it might not be easily noticed. So why spend money to expand your home without showing it off?

Make a statement with the Expansion

It is worth the expansion if you make your house stand out in your environment. Add some nice pavilion to give a twenty-first-century impression in your home. There is so much you can achieve when you put your thoughts together to expand your home for the benefits of your family.

expand the home-Make a statement with the Expansion

Stretch it out

In a situation where there is more land for extensions, values can be added to the property by creating small and connected pavilions that will definitely expand your home.

expand the home -Stretch it out

Raise the Roof

Another great idea you can explore to expand your home is to raise the roofing. Give the structure of your home an urban look. In case you do not have space in your backyard to expand the house horizontally, you might consider adding a second floor to your home to give more room.

Written By: Abelli Noja