Everyone has to be extremely careful about home fire safety, no matter where you live or who resides with you. Buildings without smoke alarms or with smoke alarms that aren’t working account for roughly three out of every five fire-related fatalities. You should have several tools in your house that support an efficient fire safety strategy.

Smoke Detectors

Have a professional like Safe Electric LLC install many smoke detectors in your home to allow you and your family as much time as possible to identify fire and escape. Installing and maintaining functional smoke alarms in several rooms across your house’s various stories may reduce your chance of dying in a home fire by half. Don’t forget to replace them after ten years and test them monthly.


Having a fire extinguisher or many in your home can enable you to put out a minor fire before the fire service gets there. Keep each extinguisher beside a fireplace and in high-risk locations like the kitchen. Instead of wasting valuable escape time if you can’t operate it efficiently, learn how to utilize it before you actually need to.

Escape Ladders 

If your property has two stories, you might consider investing in a few ladders. One that hooks to the windowsill is available; keep it there until required. If security is not an issue, you may even have one permanently fixed in the wall beneath the bedroom windows.

Fireplace Screen

A fireplace screen improves your home’s fire protection strategy if you use your fireplace. The first advantage is that it prevents embers and coals from bursting out of the fireplace and igniting neighboring objects. Additionally, it can prevent children and animals from accidentally touching or stumbling into the flames.

Fireproof Safe

A fireproof safe can ease the stress of dealing with the aftermath of a fire, even while it won’t help put out the flames. Keep cash, important legal papers, and other valuables in a safe area to prevent losing items that are difficult or impossible to replace.

Evacuation Plan

Making a fire escape plan is essential, especially if you have children in your house. Start by discussing several escape routes for various parts of the house with your family. Consider at least two exits from each room if one is blocked by fire or thick smoke.

Next, choose a location outside where everyone may gather that is simple for them to get on their own. It should be far enough from the home to escape the effects of the fire while still being accessible to small children on their own. 

To ensure everybody is adequately prepared, rehearse the house fire escape strategy during the day and at night, and conduct regular fire drills.

Take Action, Plan Well

Installing measures for your home’s fire safety can help you save lives, even if you live in a house that was specifically built to be fireproof. You can be ready to respond and bring those in your home to safety and protect your belongings. Remember to plan well and stay calm.