Safety and health have never been more important in the history of America. This is due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic which has ravaged most parts of the planet. One of the most affected regions is America, where the number of infections keeps rising on a daily basis. This has prompted citizens of the country to look for ways of avoiding contracting or spreading the virus from their homes.

A lot of Americans are already looking into how their homes can be of support until these trying times are over. Of course, different people find themselves in different circumstances which for the most part is quite new. Adapting to changes due to the pandemic has been hard but also, modifying homes to support the people at this time is also a different experience entirely.

Most people are forced to do many outdoor activities indoors, such as work for adults, schooling for both children and adults, and also medical care for the residents indoors. This makes the home a multifunctional entity.

The changes that homes require in this time have to satisfy the five Facets of wellness designs. These Facets include health and fitness, safety and security, accessibility, functionality, and comfort and joy. Everyone can agree that each of these Facets is necessary and required for the well being of the residents.

Health and Fitness

One of the most important aspects of the well being of people is health and fitness. Without sound health, there is only little to nothing anyone can do. Health and fitness are all about quality feeding from healthy meals, sound sleep and maintaining a good mind and body shape through exercise. Due to measures imposed by the government, people spend more time at home.

One of the more direct results of movement restrictions is more time spent in the kitchen preparing your meals. Some of the cooking equipment which does not need any sort of special installation process include convection-steam oven and a multi-cooker. These appliances can help with your increased cooking needs.

Since there is a nationwide shortage of essential products like toilet paper to help with personal hygiene, you can improvise by acquiring Bidet-style toilet seats. This can easily be set up yourself without the need for professional help.

Working from home is made easier with the acquisition of desk risers which is portable and can easily be adjusted, depending on the user. The desk riser can also help children who attend classes online from their computers. Most of this equipment can be ordered online and delivered to your doorsteps.

Safety and Security

It is not a home if it’s not safe or secure for the residents of the home. That is why it is the second facet of wellness design. This facet entails everything concerning the protection and privacy of individuals living in the home. While it is conventional for homes to have smoke alarms at the minimum, it is worthy to note that your protection can be further improved by including radon and volatile organic compound detectors. This is necessary due to the increased time spent in homes that are tightly insulated.

It is an established fact that most accidents happen in-home, and the frequency of occurrence depends on the finishes, construction method, materials and the design of the home. Accidents can be prevented by employing the use of less hazardous materials like low solvent adhesives, water-based paints, good building design, and so on.

A regular check of your ventilation systems should be done to prevent the buildup of pollutants like grease and smoke. You can include air purifiers in your household ventilation systems to help with this issue.


This facet of wellness design is specifically set up for the aged, children or disabled individuals in the home. Providing better accessibility for these individuals and also children will help reduce the frequency at which you will be required to get things for them. This precious time can be put in other productive activities.

Choosing clever prefabricated materials for your construction and homes not only helps you save money but also provides you a stunning design that is desirable, affordable and unique. There are lots of online retailers and discount supply stores that provide affordable plumbing and light fixtures, bath accessories, hardware, and so on.

Installing a cabinet organizer will surely go a long way in making your shelves accessible by everyone from the aged to children. This can also help when you get injured and mobility is a bit of an issue. You can also do a quick assessment of your home for any element that can cause tripping or falling. These elements can swiftly be removed after assessment.


This facet of wellness design makes providing care easier, especially in these tough times. It helps makes maintenance of the home easy and creates more space where none is found. A lot of changes to homes are required due to the pandemic. Some of the changes include replacing shared bathrooms and kitchen faucets to provide less contact as possible.

Many other contact-requiring utilities in the homes are replaced with hands-free models such as the replacement of light switches with hands-free models. Most of these models which are mostly DIY projects that can easily be ordered online and delivered to your doorsteps.

Comfort and Joy

Spending extended time in one fixed place can have a lot of impact on the emotional health of individuals living in a home. Dealing with isolation coupled with restricted movement and socializing can bring a lot of stress and tension on the body. This final facet of wellness design provides a source of comfort and joy in a home where there is little to none.

Though as humans we have different styles of how we want our homes should look like. However, it is advisable to go for simpler design and details because complex designs have a huge impact on the cost of building a home.

This facet boosts the emotional well-being of individuals in a home without the intervention of a professional psychologist due to the pandemic. You can create comfort and joy in your home by bringing elements that serve as a source of joy and comfort together. These elements can be taken to a private corner of the home, accessible only by you.

There, you can be in your own space doing things you enjoy most which can artworks, music, photos, yoga and many more. You can also create space for plants which can give an added connection to nature. This way, you can manage stress in your own unique way.