Selling your home can be a daunting process. Not only do you have to prepare the house and host viewings, but in many scenarios, you might also be building a new home too. It can be difficult to find a balance between managing both.

People often overlook the cost of selling a property. There may be repairs and replacements, real estate fees, cleaning, and maintenance costs that you didn’t anticipate.

However, the process doesn’t have to be overly stressful or difficult. Selling for the desired price can be achieved by being prepared and making strategic decisions. Patience is key and you should do your best to avoid getting overwhelmed.

If you’re selling your home, here are five key tips for maximizing value while remaining stress-free.

Choose the right estate agent

A good estate agent can make all the difference when you’re selling. It’s crucial that you go with someone that you trust and communicate well with. Meet with several realtors before choosing one. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and enquire how they will go about increasing the value of the property and getting the best price.

However, you must also be wary of hidden fees or real estate agents that charge a high commission. Search for a discount realtor and work toward maximizing your selling price.

Get your home energy rated

Energy efficiency translates to long term savings in a home. In a world that’s becoming increasingly focused on sustainability, a house that boasts a good energy rating is an attractive one.

Make some strategic purchases to improve the efficiency of the house. Consider upgrading the boiler, piping, lighting, and heating. Research various other methods online before taking action.

Once this has been done, have the building assessed and certified. This should be a selling point when the house goes on the market.

Utilize the online marketplace

Although the majority of buyers will want to visit a property at least once before making an offer, the internet is the first place people will look to. Set aside some time to create property advertisements on selling websites. You should consider enlisting professional help to make the most of these ads.

Take professional photos

Professional photos are the best way to make your home stand out on a real estate or house website. While most phones are capable of capturing high-quality images, professional photographers have the knowledge and skills to get the right ones.

The photos should show off the property in the best possible way and give the viewers a good indication as to what the house is like.

Video or virtual tours are now becoming quite popular. This can be an effective way to draw in potential buyers.

Be strategic when arranging viewings

You will want your home to look impeccable for each viewing. Try to arrange viewings on a particular schedule that gives you time to prepare and clean beforehand. Although viewings should be convenient for the buyer, being strategic with the arrangements can be beneficial.