If you are amongst the people living in isolation due to Covid-19, then chances you are home more often. This frequent stay at home can make anybody go crazy, making everything look out of place. Maybe you have a desk that you think is an eyesore for you now or a table that is too big for your lounge. Whether it be for work or homeschooling your children, now is the perfect time to rearrange your home to make it look more organized.

Home organization is not an uphill task if you know what to do. However, trying to tackling everything at once to achieve an organized home in a day will turn out to be a disaster for you. With benefits such as making your home look clean, de-cluttered, and renewed, home organization is something that every homeowner should do every year. Not to mention, it will give you time to focus on other aspects of life. After all, you wouldn’t want to be sitting in your lounge cleaning and organizing stuff the entire year when you can do it in a day and have free time for the coming months. Here are a few home organization tips that will allow you to restructure your home.


It is a fact you cannot store everything behind doors and corners of your house and get away with it. Many of us have been under the pressure of hiding unnecessary items behind doors, windows, curtains whenever guests are coming over. We run around like headless bees and fail in the end.

Bulky items such as sweaters, jackets, fur coats, and much more should remain tucked away someplace safe and secure. It is where a storage unit can come into play. You can utilize a storage unit to store seasonal items and take them out whenever you want to use them. You can find flexible storage units in your locality without any hassle. For instance, if you live in Texas or nearby, you can search online for self storage in Rowlett to find storage solutions that will accommodate all your needs.


The next thing you can do to organize your home is clean out all your drawers. What you can do is empty every drawer in your house. Then check each item to know if they are valuable to you or not. There may be items inside your drawers that are only collecting dust and are of no use to you.

Once you throw away stuff that you do not need, you can put the remaining items back inside the drawers. You can also try something creative like using gift boxes, cartons, or cardboard boxes to store them out of sight.


Flat surfaces should always remain clear if you want them to look aesthetically pleasing. It is ok to place decorations, lamps, or a few picture frames on flat surfaces such as your nightstand or dresser. However, overloading can cause issues and make it look like a car crash.

You can try to set a limit of five items each for every flat surface inside your home to avoid overcrowding them with decorations. When you have fewer decorative items on top of these flat surfaces, your living space will feel more peaceful, calm, and organized.


Make a list of all your entertainment items such as movies, games, books, etc. It can be something like a list of all your entertainment items written down on a piece of paper. If you still have movies, books, and games from a year ago, donate them to someone who will make better use of them.

It may be the right time to let go of that old VHS collection you have been keeping for the past decade. They take up unnecessary space and don’t have much use these days are nobody has VCRs anymore. If some VHSs hold sentimental value, store them away efficiently in various hidden spots inside your house.


Sheds and garages often house lots of random stuff such as tools, garden equipment, and remains from a previous move. Cleaning ou your garage will provide you with some much-needed exercise, and you will organize it in the process. These places also tend to get dirty and collect grime and dust over time if not cleaned regularly.

Take out all the stuff from your garage and give it a thorough sweep. Then use a vacuum cleaner to pick up any dust and dirt. Also, discard any tools, gear, or garden cleaning equipment that you do not require anymore. Install shelving and place all your tools neatly on top of it.


Lockdown is a great chance for homeowners to organize their homes the way they want. Throwing out or donating old items will give your house a refreshing feel and an organized look. But, be wary of trying to do everything all at once. Take your time and slowly work your way from room to room. Set yourself a  timeline and complete your home organization within that timeline. After all, home organization is not a competition. It is a way to improve your life and overall wellbeing.