Sometimes we overlook the true potential of our homes and focus on selling or upgrading to a bigger house. Moving is one of the most stressful situations that a person can go through, especially if you have a young family, and both you and your partner are working full time.

You may even have seen the home of your dreams, and you desperately want to buy it, so you start googling how to ‘sell my house fast’ or how to find loans to bridge the gap between your property selling and buying the new one. This can lead to disappointment if you can’t shift your home and you watch your dream house sell to someone else. However, if you haven’t seen the true potential of your home, then you might not realize that you are already in your dream house.

Many of us have basements. Some are big, and some are small enough to house a laundry room and not much else. However, these spaces can help us to maximize our living space and create a family home that we’ve been dreaming of. So instead of looking at moving home, why don’t you redesign what you already have and use the space that’s there to create a fantastic new area that the whole family can benefit from?

A basement project opens up so many exciting opportunities, but you will need to find a construction company that can help talk you through what is possible. You will also need a good designer to make the most of what space you have. So it pays to do some research and get in a few people to tell you what they would do. If you have the option to create an extra level to your home, then you should start working out a budget and get going.

Research other basement conversions and see what other people have done. Get some ideas as to how you would like it to look and feel and what space will be used for. A good designer will work with your construction team to be able to deliver most of the things you want.

You can take on the work yourself, but it’s advisable to have someone who really understands the structure of your home, if you make any mistakes when it comes to damp proofing or removing structural walls then you could end up with considerable costs to put it right, not to mention your home becoming unsafe or unusable for a while. So plan your budget and use as many experts as you can to help deliver the results you want.

You also have to be prepared for a few weeks of space invading. A basement conversion is a massive project, and you will have people in and out of your home from start to finish. If you are trying to work in the house, then you might find there is a lot of noise, and you become easily distracted. So make plans to work around this and highlight and areas there might be an issue.

A basement conversion really could open your home up and give you a fantastic place to stay for even more years.