Your gaze falls on the coffee table, a familiar sight as you lounge on the sofa. But today, it seems different. A touchstone of your living room, it’s far more than a surface for mugs and magazines. This underestimated piece holds a world of style potential – bold and modern, cozy and rustic, or minimalist and chic. It’s time to unleash the design powerhouse within your coffee table!

Coffee Tables Trends You Haven’t Heard Of

Rustic and distressed

Rustic coffee tables comprising reclaimed wood are coming back into style with dents, scratches, and worn finishes, giving homes a cozy lived-in feel.

Mirrored tops

Mirrored tables reflect light and make rooms feel more open and airy, working well in small spaces. As more people adopt minimalist lifestyles, streamlined mirrored tables are becoming prevalent, with some featuring gold or brass accents.

Quirky shapes

Tired of the standard square or rectangular table? Designers are opting for quirkier silhouettes, with round, oval, kidney, and freeform shapes as fresh alternatives. Some of the most fashion-forward tables have an abstract, sculptural shape that becomes a statement piece within a setup.

Nested tables

Nesting tables are ideal for a flexible living room layout. A larger table anchors the space, while smaller side tables provide surface area that can be moved around as needed. When not in use, the smaller tables tuck under or inside the larger counterpart. As homeowners embrace multifunctional spaces, nesting tables are often a stylish solution. 

Coffee Table Styling Tips

Size and Shape

When choosing a table, consider the size and shape that will work best in your space. An oval or round table is ideal for small living rooms since the curved edges make it appear smaller, opening up the room. Rectangular tables are adaptable and space-efficient, great for narrow rooms. If you have a spacious setup, consider a large square table that can double as an ottoman, providing extra seating.


The height of your table is just as significant as the size and shape. A table that is too low will make it challenging to reach drinks and remotes, while a table that is too high will make the seating uncomfortable. As a general rule of thumb, opt for a table one to two inches lower than the height of your sofa. 


Common coffee table types typically comprise wood, metal, stone, and glass. Wood and metal tables provide a rustic look, while glass and stone impart a sleek, modern feel. Consider a table with storage space like drawers or a shelf underneath. Hidden storage keeps your living room tidy and is useful for stashing remotes, books, and other small items.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Tables

How much should I spend on a coffee table?

An inexpensive table may suit you fine if you’re on a tight budget or frequently redecorate. You can find a basic table for between $50 to $500. However, you can easily pay upwards of $1,000 for a premium designer table made of materials like marble, concrete, or reclaimed wood. Think about how much use your table will get and how long you want it to last. But if it’s a focal point in your living room, invest in a well-constructed table made of durable materials, and don’t forget to shop sales and check outlets to find tables at lower price points.

What shape coffee table is most versatile?

A rectangular coffee table is one of the most versatile shapes. Its conventional, streamlined form complements most decorating styles, from contemporary and modern to traditional and grand. Its clean lines keep a space feeling open and uncluttered while offering the most surface area for stacking books, trays, bowls, and baskets. Round coffee tables are also versatile and space-efficient, encouraging conversation and working well in small living rooms. Square tables are more casual but still blend with most setups, while oval and oblong tables add visual appeal but may dominate a small space. Ultimately, choose a shape you love that fits your needs and space.

Final Thinkings

And that’s a wrap! Coffee tables may seem unassuming, but their subtle impact is undeniable. With a dash of creativity, they become the finishing touch that elevates your living room. So, the next time you crave a decor refresh, consider the insight provided by DeCasa Collection here and ensure you don’t overlook the power of the coffee table. Experiment with styles, play with textures, and let this centerpiece reflect your character. Just like the meticulous standards upheld in food processing standards, your choice of coffee table should meet your needs while enhancing your living space. Whether you opt for a rustic, mirrored, or uniquely shaped table, ensure it aligns with your lifestyle and personal style. Let your coffee table be a reflection of your taste and personality, adding that final touch of warmth and character to your home.