Home Improvement:

For home improvement, either you have to extract the capital from savings you had set aside, or consider driving some equity by remortgaging your property. Now, make sure your money works harder for you with the best possible return value. Now that availing the funds come about, it is worth considering these ten projects.

1. Loft conversion project

Having extra bedroom and bathroom enhances your property, hence places your property in higher value status, but before taking any action, it is better to have an architect or design-builder check the existing structure for a loft conversion project

home improvement - loft conversion

2. Convert the garage into a living space

Based on the statistic about 90 percent of homeowners do not use their garage space for parking their automobile, usage of the off-road parking is attractive from home buyers. As such the added value of the property significantly will be assured.

home improvement - Convert the garage into a living space

3. Convert the garden into a drive

In case you live in a place with a big yard where you have had the problem with on-street parking, and selling your property is one the option you have in mind, it is wise to invest in getting permission to build off-street parking. Doing so by accommodating parking space you furbish convenience to your prospective buyer.
 Home improvement -Convert the garden into a drive

4. Build a conservatory

Invest £5,000 on Splendid conservatory design being compatible with the rest of the house, easily raise up the value of your home up to £20,000. Nothing to have the same flooring keeps the initial style intact.
 Home improvement -Build a conservatory

5. Consider an extension

It might seem like that extending your house is not the cheapest way to add value to your house. You may spend £1000 for every square meter in constructing your property, but considering a 10 percent rate of return sounds a profitable investment.
To attain planning permission, checking with others who have gone through the same process is very reassuring. With kitchen extension that has plenty of windows looking out to the garden certainly brings a good feeling to spend time in the kitchen and this tendency is very attractive for home buyers and adds value to your property.
Double story building with an extra bedroom in upstairs accompanied with majestic looking kitchen in the ground floor, definitely adds 20 percent to the value of your house.

home improvement -Consider an extension

6. Refurbish the kitchen

These days it is noticed people find themselves comfortable spending more time in the kitchen. Therefore it makes sense to spend more money on design and accommodation.
Ration behind allocating the capital for refurbishing the kitchen, of course, should be in proportion to value house as a whole. The rough figure being appropriate in invest refurbishing the kitchen should be around 5 percent of the value of the whole house.
Home improvement -Refurbish the kitchen

7. Knockdown walls

Of course, here we are not talking about knocking down the load-bearing wall, but if you have smaller rooms, it is better to knock one or more of them with a very low cost which makes a big difference in adding value to your home.
These days’ people prefer and enjoy big dining room as a convenient place to have the guest there. By creating your home a more joyful place, added value can be assured.

Home improvement -Knock down walls

8. Add a bathroom

These days the trend of having an extra bathroom in the house is becoming more common. The best place to add that is the master bedroom since has more room to do so than other rooms which are smaller
.Home improvement -Add a bathroom

9. Intermix the garden and the kitchen

Another way to add value to your home is to have a bi-fold door between the kitchen adjacent and having access to the yard. Doing this will facilitate better access to the garden enjoying the landscape in the yard more so.
Home improvement - Intermix the garden and the kitchen

Written By: Abelli Noja