Did you recently come across a plumbing issue, and you tried to solve it using home remedies? Then by now, you must have acknowledged the fact that critical plumbing unit-related problems can’t be fixed using DIY approaches. You might have browsed through the internet for overcoming the problem and come across several solutions. But, when it comes to implementing the right troubleshooting method, either for removing the odor from the toilet bowl or using detergents to make the sink sparkling clean, it’s always better to consult with an expert. Sometimes, applying improper plumbing solutions can put a risk to the entire sanitization network of the building.

You might have to end up paying a considerable amount of money for further repairing the already damaged plumbing units. These home remedies, either for repairing a leaky faucet or pipe, seem to be easy, but without the intervention of professionals, it’s impossible to get satisfactory results.

A proper plumbing system is one of the prime requirements of every household owner. Due to inadequate cleaning, maintenance, and repairing, the water and the drainage system might start to decline in their functions. In certain circumstances, it’s important to replace the old units with new ones. Without prior knowledge about the tools and equipment required for repairing, cleaning, or replacing these plumbing units, you can’t proceed further.

For using inaccurate plumbing tools, you can even get into other major problems. So, consider hiring professionals, opt for the right solution and spend less money on plumbing issues.

Here, we are compiling 10 home plumbing solutions that you should never take into consideration.

10 Home Plumbing Techniques that should never be used

1.   Flushable Wipes Won’t Clog the Drain

Yes! You might have heard about this hack in some article or blog, it is a myth. But in reality, behind almost 80% of drain blockages, flushable wipes are responsible. You have put the baby wipes in the toilet bowl and thought it would dissolve after a while. If you do such a thing, then it is high time to stop because these sorts of products block the drain pipes and lead to several plumbing issues.

Be it an overflowing toilet or a completely dysfunctional drainage system, without taking help from a cheap handyman Dubai you can’t resolve the problem. So, we would highly recommend not to flush even any hygiene products, paper towels, or other flushable products. Instead, place these items in the dustbin, which is ideal for disposing of the garbages, not a toilet bowl.


2.  A Rumbling Water Heater is Problematic

Obviously, a water heater that is making unusual sounds requires immediate attention. In most instances, over time, due to sediment buildup, these sorts of problems can take place. Moreover, when too much cold water somehow enters the water tank of the heater, a rumbling sound is relatively common in such scenarios. You should immediately contact a professional plumbing company to know about the root cause of this problem.

But, this sound should be a concern for the water heater owners. The myth that resolves this water heater problem is that it is bound to become defective within a few days when the device makes noise. But in reality, such strange noises simply come from the heat generated by the device, which is trying to pave its way through the sediment buildup.


3.   Putting Lemons in the Disposal Will Make it Odor-Free and Clean

You must have seen this plumbing remedy while scrolling through the Instagram or Facebook feed and applied it after checking the positive feedback of the users. But, it’s worth mentioning that lemons create a fresh aroma, but it contains citric acid that can damage the metal inside the disposal. Instead of lemon, you can consider using ice.


4.   In-Tank Cleaners are Ideal for Keeping the Toilet Clean and Smell-Free

Undoubtedly, there are several pocket-friendly in-tank cleaners available in the market, which aids in keeping the toilet clean and odor-free. Moreover, these sorts of cleaning products help to remove the burden of spending a considerable amount of time scrubbing the toilet. But when these products get dissolved in the water, it creates white build-up, which can become challenging to get rid of. Ultimately, this chlorine build-up can damage the material of the toilet.

So, before buying any in-sink cleaning tablet, make sure you have checked the elements it’s composed of. Alternatively, you can also use vinegar for eliminating the smelly build-up from the toilet.


5.   Ice Cubes Helps to Sharpen the Garbage Disposal Blades

There is a plumbing myth that has been perpetuated over the years that the blades of the garbage disposals can be sharpened with ice cubes. First, garbage disposal doesn’t contain “blades”; instead it has two teeth like grooves which are known as “impellers”. And, with the help of ice cubes, you can clean these impellers. But, that has nothing to do with sharpening these teeth-like objects. So, use ice cubes to bring back the pristine condition of the disposals, but don’t expect anything else.


6.   Mixing Boiling Water with Grease will Clean the Buildup of the Sink

Absolutely not! Just as drinking warm water won’t be beneficial in unclogging the arteries and reducing the excess fat of a human body — the same analogy is applicable for sink unclogging as well. Moreover, grease, irrespective of its type won’t actually go down the drainage system of a sink. It causes plumbing issues instead, and you might end up having a complete breakdown of the drainage system for implementing such a de-clogging process. However, cold water can help in efficiently functioning the disposal motor. It is also helpful in solidifying the grease and does not block the piping systems as well.


7.  A Leakage in a Faucet Won’t Cause any Issue

This is so far one of the most problematic home plumbing myths that you will most probably find. In this current scenario, water scarcity is becoming a global concern, and due to faucet leakage, you can lose more than 10,000 liters of water. And, if the extent of the damage is comparatively more, then the water wastage level is even higher. Simply conserve water by repairing or replacing the existing faucet with a new one. Save repair expenses and the environment by taking immediate action.


8.  Everything can Pass Through the Drain without Causing Any Problem

No! This is another plumbing myth that you should never take into consideration. And, you should immediately stop putting both the dissolvable and non-dissolvable items in the drainage systems. When the non-dissolvable items lurk inside the drains, it can cause problems. Food items like corn, rice, and even noodles can block the drains if not cleaned properly. Prevent blockage by keeping these items in the garbage disposals; that’s a great solution.


9.   Water Pressure Regulators Always Displays Accurate Pressure Level

Absolutely wrong! Water pressure regulators are designed to showcase important information about the device. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will display the right water pressure level all the time, and you should always trust these readings. Instead of that, consider hiring a professional to check the water pressure level and the device properly to get accurate information. Excessive water pressure is a clear indication of leakage, so avoid such an unwanted breakdown and remove the stress level with professional guidance.


10. Home Plumbing Units requires Less Maintenance

Over time, without adequate maintenance and cleaning, the plumbing units can start to become defective. When grime, dirt, and other buildup get accumulated in the plumbing system, it can cause severe problems. An unexpected blockage or leak in the water pipes can cause severe plumbing issues, which at times can become difficult to repair. Therefore, we would highly recommend hiring a professional and avail maintenance service to keep aside the major-minor plumbing issues.


Learn, Acknowledge and Prevent Using these Home Plumbing Hacks

Wait! That’s not the end! Few more rumors are yet to get unrevealed. Let us make it clear that putting a brick in the toilet tank won’t help conserve water. Also, some people still believe that plumbing units are easy to install. But in reality, without having adequate experience, skill, or expertise, it’s impossible to opt for an accurate plumbing fixture. So, simply book an appointment with an experienced plumber and rest assured.

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