You need to perform regular maintenance on your home if you want to avoid costly repairs. Even with diligent caretaking, there are still a few things that homeowners tend to overlook regularly. This makes sense since it’s easy to lose track of repair jobs if there are too many of them. Neglecting certain repairs may not seem like a problem right away, but it can ultimately lead to expensive damage to your home.

To save time and money, review your home maintenance checklist for possible items and responsibilities that you’ve missed. Here are some possible home repairs that you might not be aware of.

Indoor Drainage and Waterproofing

For the most part, problems only occur over time, but if your home is 50 or more years old, your perimeter and subfloor drainage will face waterproofing issues. If it hasn’t been updated, the drainage in these areas will eventually become inadequate, because perimeter and under-floor drainage are not common in older homes.

Mold on the walls may be obvious in old homes but it frequently shows itself in attics, basements, subflooring, and framing. There has been a great deal of attention to the deleterious effects of mold on a home’s structure and residents. Consider inspection of your home by a professional if you note any signs of mold, as this could be a severe problem.

Dishwasher connections and garbage disposal drain pipes are also vulnerable to leaks. The clamping bolts on the dishwasher’s connection may be loose, or a replacement hose may be needed. If the bolts don’t do the trick, the gasket may have to be replaced. Regardless of the situation, you should call a professional or browse this site instead of doing it yourself to ensure that it is done correctly and to avoid any problems.

Outdoor Leaks

Exterior leaks can cause the ground around your home to flood, or water to spray onto your home or property. Dry rot can be a problem as well.

One approach to reduce leaks is to replace washers at the hose junctions to keep them from forming. The stem of the faucet can also leak from time to time. You may notice this when water is spraying out of the nozzle.

If this happens, you may need to consult a professional, since replacing the faucet can take more time than you think.

Old Layout

A small kitchen, a short hallway, and steep stairs are examples of old-style charm, but remember that they generally have limited utility. Be sure to consult an architect as well as a contractor if you’re planning to update an older building. A good architect can give you an idea of what is the best design, while a good builder can give you a rough estimate of what it will cost.

Hidden Infestations

Potential pest infestations in wood buildings include bees, ants, wasps, and rodents of all kinds. These infestations can threaten structural as well as mechanical systems. While insects may be obvious, the typical signs of rodents are normally under the floor and in the attic.

Windows and Door Leaks

A window or door leak can make an area susceptible to dry rot or mold. If leaking windows are not fixed properly, it may require some wall and floor patching on the exterior and possible mold remediation on the interior. Pay attention to stains, mildew, or other damage to old houses to note if you have any leaks.

Home Repairs - 7 Possible Issues You Might Not Be Aware Of
Construction worker putting sealing foam tape on window indoors

Leaky Roof

Repairing roof problems is essential in both old and new buildings. If you see staining, this could be a sign of leaks from pipes or windows. A simple inspection of the roof can reveal potential issues, such as unsecured flashings, shingles with cupping, or missing shingles.

A quick examination of the attic’s insulation for signs of moisture and a search of the house’s roof for signs of leaks are both a good idea. The cost to repair or replace a roof will vary greatly, so it’s advisable to get an estimate from a local contractor or builder.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

Hiring an electrician is just about mandatory when doing any rewiring. Old electrical wiring can be unreliable and potentially cause serious hazards in a house. Think about checking and inspecting fuses, light switches, and switches that have faded to see how old they are. A licensed contractor is necessary to do all electrical work unless it’s very simple. This is because electrical repairs are normally dangerous, and afterward, need a professional engineer to work the rest.


It’s crucial to regularly check your home to maintain its value and avoid further costly repairs. By doing regular maintenance checks, you can solve home issues before they get worse. Check all the corners of your home for needed repairs you might have missed. Fix them immediately to keep your home in good shape.