Designing a house can be an exciting process. As a property owner, you can choose exactly what elements will be in every part of your house. In this way, your house architecture and its interior design can make your dreams come true while getting to enjoy having a property that is truly your own.

Modern interiors are some of the design styles you can choose from when designing a home. Modern designs use relatively simple architecture in a way that looks visually appealing. If you plan to be involved in an interior design project, you should have a strong understanding of what modern homes consist of before getting a construction estimate.

What Is a Modern House?

Modern homes first began to emerge in the early 1900s. The concept of a modern house consists of using simple architectural design elements and a lot of open space. The creation of modern homes was in response to the ornate private residences that became popular in the late 1800s. Some people wanted to live in large mansions but did not want to seem as though they were trying to show off. Therefore, one can see modern homes as a reactionary response to architectural opulence.

The original modern homes were built until the 1970s. Today, the concept of modern homes is often conflated with the concept of contemporary homes. Unlike the original modern design styles, contemporary homes often make extensive use of technology and lighting to make living spaces look breathtaking. Some contemporary homes also make use of luxurious materials that make interiors feel comforting and establish a substantial sense of luxury without trying too hard to be opulent.

In practice, contemporary homes often look very lavish to the average person. The most lavish contemporary interiors are often found in yachts and posh penthouses. However, it is up to the designer of an interior to decide how opulent a modern living space appears. Some designs can look extremely basic while still feeling comfortable. The bottom line is that modern homes are loosely defined in a way that enables property owners to customize their space according to their tastes, lifestyle, and needs.

Open Floor Plans

One of the key elements of modern homes is the use of large open spaces. In modern homes, it is common to combine many rooms together with few dividers. Therefore, designs will often combine a home’s kitchen, living room, dining room, and other key rooms together. These designs will also often make use of high ceilings to provide a further sense of space.

Another key part of open floor plans is spacing furniture pieces far apart. Of course, not all homes are large enough to make using extensive amounts of empty space feasible. Nevertheless, in large homes, it is common for large rooms to contain only a few pieces of furniture. By using the right colors and materials, this empty space can make a property feel luxurious.

Use of Simple Lines

When modern homes first emerged in the early 1900s, many property owners were competing to make use of exotic embroidery and detailed craftsmanship. In contrast, modern designs seek to replace these detailed interiors with simple lines that are free of ostentation. In such designs, designers use materials to make interiors feel comfortable and luxurious.

Some modern homes make use of extremely simple lines that eliminate any sense of ostentation. For instance, kitchens may consist of only white marble countertops and slick plastic cabinetry that is one uniform color. Some designs attempt to make lines so simple that they remove door handles, picture frames, and even electrical sockets. Instead, modern designs usually hide away these elements to make a space look great without sacrificing convenience.

Utilizing Bold Colors

Designers often design modern interiors to look distinctly unnatural. Instead of using materials that come from nature, they use polymer-based materials extensively to make spaces look unique. When synthetic materials are used, designs can be made in almost any color imaginable. Consequently, designers often make use of very bold contrast, bright lighting, and colors that truly stand out.

Some modern interiors also develop a custom color theme that can give properties a boldly unique look. For instance, it has recently become popular to create modern homes that combine brown walls and floors with extensive use of green plants. Some of these homes can feel as though they are inside a jungle. Bold use of colors can introduce new design possibilities while also giving properties a very distinct look.

Use of Modern Lighting

The widespread availability of computer-aided graphics has made it possible to use lighting to make interior spaces look stunning. Many interior design teams now include a professional lighting designer because of the extent to which great custom lighting can make a property stand out.

Today, modern designs have fully embraced custom lighting because of how lighting can make unnatural spaces look incredible. Using warm custom lighting can make a simple space appear luxurious and inviting. Many designers have also experimented with using sensors, apps, and cloud-based technologies to make lighting highly responsive to the actions of people living in space while conserving energy. In the future, lighting is likely to continue growing in importance among modern home designers.

Use of Technology

Modern living spaces attract many lovers of technology. Consequently, it is common for modern homes to make exotic use of digital technology to achieve new functionality and make spaces look unique. For instance, it is common for modern homes to have televisions that can be concealed with the press of a button. Other properties use automatic curtains that conceal large windows or block direct sunlight. Some properties even have heated stone floors. By making use of technology, modern homes can feel more luxurious and become highly functional for homeowners.

Understanding Modern Home Design

If you are looking to build a modern home, it is important to understand the full range of design elements that are available. Invest a significant amount of time into exploring existing modern home designs online to find design elements that you want to be used in your home.