Breathing new life into the old house, rescuing a gem from ruining or simply refurbishing a neglected home can be incredibly rewarding. However, before your enthusiasm can get the best of you, it is better that you properly prepare for the entire process. It will allow you to manage the entire process smoothly and you will be able to maintain the cost of renovation in your budget.

Remodeling instead of extending your house design to have more space is a time saving and cost-effective solution. There is a lot of unused space in your homes that are commonly wasted. You can identify this space and arrange it into the layout of your house design to make it more efficient. The biggest advantage of an internal loft conversion is that you will not have to take planning permission for internal work but you have to follow building regulations.

Once you will start working with an architect on your house design, you will be surprised to notice how much free space is available in your house that can be utilized. It is better that you work with an architect on house extension because they are aware of all the things related to extension, you will not have to waste your time on planning or dealing with other associated tasks.

Do not go on the traditional route of loft conversion because it will only waste your time and money. It will be worth investing in the architectural design to increase internal space because it will help you save money. You will be able to create a more successful living space. You can add interesting furniture and features to enhance the appeal of your house. We have 7 tips to help you find space in your existing house design and 4 tips on how to create illusion space

7 Tips to find space in existing house design

Here are some of the amazing tips that will allow you to find more space in your house.

1-Rearrangement of rooms.

There is a lot of space in the rooms. You should rearrange the rooms within existing walls and you will be surprised to see the free space available. It will have a positive effect on your house design. You can split the large rooms into two or convert two small rooms into a master bedroom. The difference of few inches can bring a noticeable change into your property. If you want a bigger living room, you can have a smaller study.

You can connect your kitchen, dining and living room by removing the walls between them. It will allow you to have more open space between the rooms that have been overlapping. You will be able to share light that will create the illusion of more open space in the room. Take some guidance from architects while planning to add or remove walls.

6 Things to consider before removing Interior Walls
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2-Level Change vs Internal walls

It is a better option that you consider having the level change in your house design by getting rid of the internal walls. By introducing the level change you will be able to achieve a dramatic difference in your rooms. There is no need to reduce the light or space in the rooms. It will allow you to create the effect of zoning in your house without the whole house extension process. All you need to do change the flooring of your living room to make it live different from the kitchen and create the perfect impact. You can also increase the level of living as compared to the kitchen. It will allow you to use the space left underneath as storage.

3-Circulation of occupants

It is important that you pay attention to the circulation of occupants when you are planning to refurbish your house design. You can easily reconfigure your rooms, to assure that the space in living rooms will be transformed for occupants to move properly. You can get rid of the awkward room designs or narrow spaces. As well as consider adding an opening into the wall that will make interaction easier and provide you with more internal space. You have to be careful while paying attention to the redesign that you want. A few things you can consider are.


  1. Use the room plan to draw the lines of directions in which residents can circulate depending on the members of a family who will be using the space.
  2. For more frequent movements you can use heavier lines.
  3. You can solve several common problems once you have analyzed that how you will be using space.
  4. You will not have to deal with issues like misplacement of doors or one person being in the way of another while using the kitchen or other rooms in the house.

4-Relocation of staircase

A simple relocation or redesign of the staircase can improve the entire look of your interior and provide you more space. You can also consider redesigning your hallway. You can set the stairs less steeply by introducing a landing. It can be used as a useful storage space as well. You should have a staircase relocated by an architect because he will let you know the right location to create more space.

5-Under flooring heating system needs to be changed

You can liberate the furniture layout and free a lot of wall space by removing the traditional underfloor heating systems and radiators. You should know that underfloor heating is not as costly as it used to be once. So, you should grab this opportunity and create more space and enhance the design of your interior.

6-Integrated storage

For a successful house design, integrated storage is very important. Most buyers will ask you to find a clutter-free and light space for them. Having an extra storage space is the only way you can keep the interior clutter free. It will allow you to remove all the items from your house that you do not need anymore. You should know that storage space in an important part of your house design. It is important that you pay attention to storage requirements before you can design storage space.

  1. Know all the things that you will have to store, it can be extra shoes, clothes, product and much more to assure that your house will look well-managed.
  2. The size of storage space according to the items that you are planning to store.
  3. Is there any scope for growth required in your house?
  4. Where you should arrange storage space, so you can easily access it and how many times in a day you have to access your storage space.

Storage space might not be able to grab the attention of people but it will surely help you to make rest of your house more attractive and appealing. You can add some dual function furniture to your house to reduce clutter. It will allow you to easily maintain storage space. An architect can help you design a hidden integrated storage space.

7-Ancillary space

You need to pay attention to the ancillary space in your house. There are a lot of parts in the house that is considered secondary and you can easily redesign them. It will become a part of your living room and change the overall look of your interior. There are different ways you can approach ancillary space like

  1. Use all odd corners in your house
  2. Utilize the dead and recess space in your house
  3. Pay attention to design behind chimney breasts
  4. Consume space in cellars
  5. Use storage furnitures like bed and footstools
  6. There are some ends of odd shaped rooms that you can easily consume

There are some larger spaces in the house that you might not have been using. You can easily use these spaces in a productive way. Here are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Create a roof terrace with parts of the roof you are not using
  2. A loft conversion is perfect by using extra roof space
  3. Change the unused space under the floor into a basement space

You can easily use all this space in a productive way to make your house look more luxurious and appealing. Sometimes from all the extra unused space, you can create a room in your house that can be used for children or guests. An architect can help you identify all the ancillary spaces in your house.

How to create the illusion of more space

In case you have been unable to find extra space in your house that can be used in a productive way. Or you do not have enough money to pay for the refurbishing of your house, there are always some other options available. You can easily create the illusion of extra space in your existing house design with the help of following interesting tips.

Reflective surfaces

Add reflective surfaces in your house. When the light will reflect from these surfaces, it will automatically make the room look more spacious. You can use polished floorboards and add pale shades to the wall. It will allow you to create the perfect look in living room and bedrooms in your house.

Simply extend

Add more lights to the interior

Light is very important when you want to add more space to your interior. It is important that you add as many lights as possible. The lights should be adjusted on the wall, ceiling, and floor with such perfection that it will reflect on the other surfaces of your room and illuminate all the rooms properly. When every corner of the room will be illuminated, it will create a spacious look that you want. However, assure that the shades of light you are using should be pale like light yellow because it should give the impact of natural light in your house. Get some suggestions from an experienced architect before adding more lights.

Natural Lighting - house design - house refurbishment

Use simple and minimal furniture

Not using the right type of furniture while decorating the house is a common mistake most individuals make. They will fill all the extra space with furniture due to which it will become tough to manage everything. A better option is to assure that you use simple and minimal design furniture. There are several stylish products available on the market, which you can use. You will notice that such products will take a limited space and enhance the overall look.

As well as while you are decorating the living room or dining room of your house, assure that you keep a product as the main feature of the room and décor the rest of the room around it. This way you will consume less space and your room will look well-managed and spacious. Do add a lot of decorative items in your living room because it will make your interior look congested.

Use natural light, mirrors and roof lights

Do not forget to use natural light in your house. You should have huge windows or roof areas where the light can pass inside your house. You will notice that it will enhance the overall appeal of your interior. In order to assure that the light will spread properly to all parts of the room, you can add some mirrors to the walls. Take suggestions from an architect because will help manage the direction of lights and mirror properly. You have to assure that mirrors are added in a stylish way, so it will not affect the beauty of your house. You will surely enjoy the effect it will have when you enter the house.


You can surely make your home look new after changing house design. It will improve the overall appearance and value of the property without any legal issues. There are many architects who can provide you with the services you have been looking for. They will conduct a complete inspection of your house and let you know all the areas that need to be upgraded because that is the only way you can take the right steps. You can allow an architect to help you with the house design. In case you have some of your designs in mind, architects will assure to adjust them in final blueprint. Get a quote for designing the house refurbishment before you can start the process. It will allow you to manage your budget.