Have you adopted a digital MEP model in your projects?

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A Digital MEP model has simplified building maintenance in many ways from design to construction as well as the improvement of coordination and avoidance of conflict during equipment installation.

Before we show you how a digital MEP model is beneficial to buildings, let’s understand a few things.

What is the MEP model?

In building and construction, MEP, which is also known as MEPF stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering and involves the creation of complete mechanical systems that represent spaces and zones in a building model.

Usually, the three verticals make up the systems that inform the interior design of a building that is to be occupied by humans.

The three disciplines are combined to help avoid conflicts in equipment installations and locations.

Generally, hiring the services of expert MEP engineers is advantageous in many ways.

For instance, according to NerdyWriters, it helps to minimize installation costs while increasing performance.

It’s worth noting that MEP systems are complex. That’s why modern engineering companies are adopting software to speed up building design.

Why Use MEP Model Software to Enhance Building Maintenance

Generally, once construction is completed, the constituents of MEP systems become invisible.

The fact that many modules of MEP systems aren’t easily accessible, maintenance personnel face challenges.

And in the case of maintenance issues, it becomes difficult to determine where to start.

Fortunately, a 3D model can help to solve such a problem.

As seen from a report published in the paper writing service blog, a 3D model is helpful when it comes to the planning of maintenance activities as it enables maintenance personnel to focus only on the areas that need to be fixed.

In a nutshell, modern modeling software saves time and allows effective scheduling of maintenance activities.

A Digital MEP Model for Equipment Upgrades and Management

High-tech MEP modeling software can also be useful during the formation and scheming of key advancements for building structures.

For instance, to upgrade the chiller of a building, the software could help determine the way piping networks and electrical cabling needs to be changed.

According to the assignment writing portal, planning and scheming an improvement is complex with conventional 2D plans. In fact, using these plans could result in a ton of unwanted changes.

Besides, with the MEP model, you can tell whether an upgrade, for instance, a change of the cooling tower can affect other components of the building.

For instance, assuming you were looking to add new equipment with a shape that’s not similar to the other components of the building, the 3D MEP model software can provide you with a clear picture of how it can affect the space where you need to install it.

What to Remember

It is worth noting that even though the MEP model is useful when it comes to building maintenance, it needs to be updated regularly; otherwise, an obsolete model is of no use to the maintenance personnel.

As a general rule of thumb, the model needs to stay updated in case of any change in the building systems.

Of course, this can be done for you if you work with engineering companies.

The good thing about 3D MEP model according to thesis writing service is that maintenance personnel can now download or read intricate digital files at any time via a smartphone or tablet.

Expert engineers have developed simplified applications that allow the opening of digital files on the internet as long as one has a working internet connection.

It is also important to note that one needs to be trained on how to use advanced software like MEP modeling tool.

This means there are additional costs and time required but the benefits obtained from using MEP models outweigh the time and resources used for training staff.

Undeniably, technology can help to improve performance and efficiency as well as minimization of costs in maintenance projects.

The Importance of Using MEP Coordination Services for Your Building Projects

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing coordination service involve the synchronization of all building systems with other components that form the skeleton, structure, and external components of a building.

Often, an MEP team consists of an MEP contractor, consultant, fire-fighting subcontractors, installation, and maintenance specialist.

MEP consultants help with the preparation of the 3D MEP coordinated diagrams that are then sent to the MEP contractor.

The MEP contactor’s work is the fabrication and installation of equipment.

The overall role of the MEP contractor is to detail, fabricate, and spatial coordination and installation of the 3D diagrams.

Given the challenges involved in the process, it’s no doubt seeking MEP coordination services could be helpful.

Often, in the case the drawings have no clashes; the MEP consultant will need to change them to make them suitable.

The MEP contractor can decide to make changes such as pipework rerouting, duct resizing, splitting of the electrical ladder, etc.

Now, in case the MEP contractor changes the MEP consultant’s drawings, the budget and deadlines for the project are affected.

Fortunately, MEP coordination services provide increased integration of different personnel of the MEP team.

This helps to eliminate the chances of clashes, prevents delays and disputes during construction, and improves communication.

How MEP Coordination Services Can Help to Save Money and Time

As stated earlier, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing coordination services help to bring together a team of experts in the different disciplines so that any conflict can be resolved before a project is ready.

When design conflicts are detected and eliminated, project costs are reduced and time is utilized effectively.

Below are some of the ways MEP coordination services can help to save time and money on your project.

Reduces time and material spent on correcting mistakes

As stated above, in case the MEP contractor is required to change the MEP consultant’s drawings, time and money are wasted during the process.

Working with MEP coordination services ensures that there are little or no mistakes committed along the process which helps to save time and money.

Help to streamline the process

MEP coordination services involve a combination of the MEP team working on a single project. This involves holding weekly review meetings to make sure conflicts and disputes are resolved as early as possible hence saving time and money along the process.

In a nutshell, MEP coordination services are helpful when it comes to the completion of quality and worthwhile project.

Detecting and resolving conflicts and disputes as early as they occur will help to save money and to make sure the available time is used effectively.

Besides, the ability to accurately foresee project costs enables a more competitive bid.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a digital MEP model can be beneficial in building maintenance in many ways.

Project managers are required to deliver a build successfully by balancing the work project, cost, and time.

The best thing about using MEP model is that work can be inspected and conflicts detected solved as early as possible which ensures projects are completed within the specified deadline and cost-effectively.


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