Great flooring can change the house’s entire look, and you can’t stop complimenting it.

If you get bored of the old look and want to bring some commendable change, pick the best flooring and see the magic. Various companies or brands offer different types of flooring. In this guide, I will mention one of the best retail companies featuring different home products, including flooring. One such big name is Lowes, situated in America.  

For the last 10 decades, this company has been showing magic. When it comes to flooring, no one can imagine going to any other brand.

What is Lowes Company

Lowes is a famous company in America known for home improvement. This includes flooring, plants, home appliances, and the like. In 1921, the first store of this company started, and today, it is operating worldwide. It gives resilient competition to other notable flooring brands. Every year there is a massive boost in sales that enhances its importance.

The company specializes in different types of tiles and flooring. Laminate, hardwood, Vinyl and tiles, carpet tiles, rugs, underfloor heating, and others. The question is, what makes this flooring company astounding? How do they enhance the beauty of your house? 

The answers await you below. 

How Lowes Flooring Adds Value

As said above, lowes has many flooring options so that you can increase the value of your home design. The below factors describe how this flooring company is good for your home design and why you should opt for it asap.

  • Lowes Wood Flooring Options

We already know how good hardwood flooring is for your home. Not only does it shield the floor, but it is also captivating. You have many options to correspond, from engineered hardwood to solid wood flooring. 

Some more options for wood flooring are oak, Hickory, Bruice, Light, amongst others. Whether your kitchen needs renovation or you want to change the look of your bedroom, this option is good to go.

Choosing Lowes gives you another level of experience. You will never complain about the peel, even if it stays in the water for many days. The installation process is effortless; once done, the room will look wider. You can refinish the flooring with ease, adding value to the design.

You can select the color of your choice or as per the room’s interior. The options include White, Gray, Off-white, Brown, Light, Dark, or any suitable color. The installation way depends on the type you will pick, as it could be the Nail down method or the Glue down process.

  • Lowes Carpet Choices

Carpets are also outstanding for enriching the beauty of the design. This is if you have installed the right one. In Lowes, you have many possibilities available, making this company worth checking. A few options you have is Nylon, Wool, Polyester, Acrylic, amongst a few others.

What suits your house the most depends on many factors. Unfortunately, people tend to stop using carpets due to some issues. Allergies and short life spans are some reasons why. Yet, they are the most noted choice and the best alternative to flooring.

A few popular color choices you can make are Gray, Textured, Stainmaster, and Plush. Whatever option you choose to examine, each Lowes carpet gives you many benefits. It also adds value to the design of your house, so you can go ahead with the one that is fit for you. 

You have often heard that the carpets look awful when you show your house to the buyers. Well, this is wrong because a beautiful carpet put in the right spot can give the greatest advantages.

  • Easy Flooring Installation

Lowes offers all the products or essentials you need for the installation. This is to make the process manageable for you and avoid spending money on extra labor. The installation has different methods, so you can pick the easiest one to operate. Lowes’ most notable flooring options are waterproof, peel-and-stick, Wood look, and bamboo flooring.

Even if you go for any professional, they will give you at least 2 years of labor guarantee. It is another point that proves why this company is the best for your flooring project.

  • It Increases the Home Resale Value

Lowes is one of the biggest flooring companies, so one can never disregard its worth. If you have installed its flooring, it will boost the house’s resale value. Providing you with a benefit even after the sale. This flooring looks pre-eminent, but the actual concession is the ultimate protection against water and mold.

Solid hardwood floors fight against water. Even if it stays there for many days without nourishing any wear to a single plank. This is the type of advantage we want in our flooring to last for many years.

  • Lowes flooring installation cost

Sure, you already have plans to consider this company in the future. You definitely want to know how much lowes flooring installation costs. The installation cost depends on the product you choose or the company you want to hire. 

You can choose to get the installation done by the same company. This way you get a 12-month installment facility. The most significant advantage from working with them is the guarantee they offer. The guarantee that they will ensure to complete the job with great care.

There is also a labor warranty involved that is of 1 year. The first step is to decide which flooring type you will pick and then decide on the measurements. For measurements, you can always ask them.

They will send their installers because there should not be a single flaw in the reading. Once done, all the finances along with the labor fees will be in place. On the given date, they will come and get them installed.

If you pay them within 12 months, the total cost would be $299 without any interest. It includes the flooring cost and the installation cost. You can also install this flooring from someone outside the company. The price will depend on how expert the person is. The better the laborer, the more durable work he will do.

Ending Thoughts

Whenever someone talks about flooring, there are a few brands or companies that come to mind. Either Home Depot or Lowes. Lowes have established their name in different home improvement products. The most famous are floorings. 

Whether you want hardwood flooring or you desire to go for bamboo, they have all the options. The best options to make your home design look exceptional, and that is the beauty of this company.

The points described in this guide reflect the importance of installing their floors. For installation, you can also avail of their services or ask any expert if you do not want to DIY it. You can check all the alternatives from the official site to make the final choice. I hope this guide helps you find out all details about Lowes flooring you were searching for.


The installation cost in your area may vary. This can depend on the required labor, material, or tools. The information is valid to the date of publishing this article. For the updated cost, try gathering information from nearby service providers or ask us.