Besides lasting longer, the recent wildfire seasons have also caused unusual damage to communities, businesses, and non-fire-resistant houses. As per the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s information, the 9279 fire cases recorded in California in 2020 claimed over 31 lives and damaged 104448 structures.

The 4,197,628 acres burned in this year were more than the figures combined from the last three years. Around 1,000,000 acres of land were burned in Oregon in 2020 – a figure that’s twice the 10-year mean of 557000 acres of land.

Also, 2021’s wildfire period does not seem to be any more promising. The drier and hotter conditions caused by climate change clearly illustrate that there will always be more frequent wildfires. However, you can protect your house and assets by making the house fire-resistant.

But, how does it take to make your house fire-resistant? Worry no more! Continue reading this informative post to get the correct answer.

How Long Can You Take To Make Your House Fire-Resistant?

Note that there’s no one-size, easy or quick-fits-all reply to this query. Making a house fire-resistant is a project that also features its specific variables and challenges. Therefore, making a house fire-resistant must have its unique schedule.

A structural engineer or professional house builder should inspect your wooden house and how you plan to make it fireproof, then give an accurate estimate of how long the exercise will take. Besides this, the professional house builders will know the primary factors to consider.

To begin, let’s go through a sample timeline you’re likely to follow when making your house fire-resistant:

Architectural Design Stage – One To Three Months

Adding fireproof decks, walls, windows, or any structural change requires architect design services to ensure everything is structurally beautiful, safe, and sound. The duration between attending your first design meeting and getting the final plans will rely on the architect’s current workload, project scope, and architect’s experience.

Bidding Phase – Two To Three Weeks

Also, you may consider the complex bidding process if you want to get the best value from any subcontractor who will make your house fireproof. Here, you need to solicit several complex bids and vet them thoroughly for all necessary items to create an accurate budget that covers everything.

Approvals And Permits  – One Month

This step entails submitting the complete and signed plans to the relevant authorities. The measure ensures that all the required inspections, approvals, and permits are in order before you start working on the project.

Construction Stage – Three To Nine Months

It’s at this phase you’ll observe significant progress and the most variation. Mostly, it’ll take three to nine months to make your house fireproof, but this will depend on the house’s size, the project’s complexity, and the project scope.

Other Factors Considered

Other factors also determine how long you’ll take to make your house fire-resistant. Money is one of these factors. Expect to take a long time to make the house fireproof if you don’t have enough resources. Also, while a significant percentage of contractors try their best to create accurate estimates, unexpected expenses are likely to be needed while in the process of making the house fire-resistant.

Your home’s size is another thing that will determine how long it’ll take to make the home fireproof. Mostly, larger-sized homes require a long time to make them fire-resistant.

Finally, the weather will also determine how long it’ll take to make the house fireproof. Contractors will find it hard to follow the schedule if the weather does not cooperate with plans.

Final Thoughts

Besides being unpredictable, wildfires also move quickly. Therefore, it’s pivotal to take the critical approaches and make your house and assets fire-resistant. Consider creating defensible space zones, fireproofing your roof, forming a securing perimeter, adding fireproof decks, walls, and windows, and more.


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