Imagine this: you’re the manager of a big plant with a huge delivery deadline coming up pretty soon. You and your staff are working overtime in order to meet this deadline and secure the customer’s business.

But one morning, you walk into the facility after heavy rain the night before and you can’t believe your eyes! There’s a huge puddle of water on one of your most important machines, halting your production process.

To avoid that situation, you could conduct a regular commercial roof inspection. Here’s advice on how to do so.

Commercial Roof Inspection Protocol

As a general rule of thumb, you should seek to inspect your commercial roof at least two times in the calendar year. You should space them out equally, completing one shortly after the winter before the spring rains fully set in, and one right at the close of summer and the beginning of fall.

There’s a good reason for this particular roof inspection schedule.

If you live in an area that receives heavy snow, then the weight of the snow on your roof could cause damage over time. Consequently, the first chance that snow is gone from your roof, you should have an inspection done to ensure that the winter didn’t do a number on your roof.

You also want to be sure to get any issues squared away before those spring rains set in, or you could be looking at a very wet few months inside your facility.

On the flip side of things, summer can also do quite a bit of damage to your roof. Heat causes materials to expand and crack. Consequently, your roof could be subject to such expansions and cracking that could leave it vulnerable to the weather. Get ahead of these problems by getting a commercial roof inspection report done.

How to Do a Commercial Roof Inspection

If you don’t have prior experience building or inspecting roofs, then you’re not going to be able to DIY a commercial roof inspection. Instead, you should look to hire commercial roof inspection services that have great experience producing a solid commercial roof inspection root.

When choosing from the many commercial roof inspection services out there, be sure to choose one that has a wealth of experience, all the right certifications, and a plethora of happy customers willing to sing their praises. The company in question should be able to complete an in-depth report of all of the areas of your roof that need fixing, as well as provide repair services or refer you to a good contractor to complete them.

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Get Your Roof Inspected ASAP

There you have it. Now that you know when and how to get a commercial roof inspection done, all that’s left is for you to hire commercial roof inspection services ASAP!

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