Halloween is right around the corner, so what better way to celebrate the coming spooky season than by building your own haunted house in your front or back yard? Continue reading as we give you some ideas to craft your own haunted scenes at home this fall.

Create a Maze

No matter how big your backyard is, you probably have enough space to create a spooky maze this Halloween. First, create the floor plan design, which ensures that visitors don’t miss any horrifying elements of your haunted maze.

You can use hay bales, cardboard boxes, or any other physical barriers accessible to you to create the pattern, and don’t forget to decorate small scenes in some of the corners for added fright and detail.

Some fun decorations for a haunted maze include a graveyard scene with scarecrows, talking heads, murder scenes, and mummies or zombies.

Make a Haunted Graveyard

This is a great idea for either your back or front yard, and there are plenty of DIY elements you can include to make the scene extra frightening and fill up your designated space.

With cardboard, cut out gravestones and use paint, fake spiders and spider web decor to give some added details. Additionally, you can create levitating ghosts out of chicken wire, PVC pipe, and sheets, or buy some decorative skeletons to place around your yard.

When combining all these elements with additional spooky lighting, fog, and other details, you can create a very ghoulish scene that is both exciting and interactive as visitors walk through the haunted graveyard.

Convert Your Shed

For the perfect backyard haunted house, consider using your shed to build this spooky creation. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party for kids or simply want a place for your kids to enjoy on their own, the shed is the perfect size for a haunted house.

You can decorate both the interior and exterior of the shed, as well as its surroundings to maximize the ghoulish charm. This can be a perfect place to read scary stories, show a spooky movie, or carve pumpkins out of. So, take advantage of all the spiderweb, skeleton, and pumpkin decor available to craft an unforgettable haunted house in your own backyard.

Final Tips

With any of these frightening Halloween builds, make sure to cater your decor and designs to the age of people who will enjoy them–after all, these are meant to bring seasonal fun with just enough fright!

Plus, be sure to add some safety lighting or emergency exits as needed, as you want all of these to be exciting but safe. Keeping all these tips in mind, you can create the perfect backyard haunted house this fall.

Written by Bailey Schramm