Did you know that the first CNC machine was developed in 1952? If you are currently looking for a quality home CNC machine from a reputable source, we have a few things you want to take into consideration to pick the perfect CNC machine for your needs.

Keep reading for our top tips when you are shopping around.

  1. Speed

Depending on what you plan on manufacturing, you want to take a look at how fast the machine is. The speed is also referred to as the feed rate of your machine. When you are comparing CNC machines such as X-Carve, take a look at the feed rate specs to determine the rate your machine is able to cut materials when it is time for the manufacturing process of your products.

Keep in mind that just because the machine is fast it does not mean it is as accurate as a slower machine. Make sure to take that into consideration when looking at the feed rate.

  1. Spare Parts Availability

You can expect your CNC machine to break down or wear down after some time, like any other machine out there. For this reason, you want to see how easy it is to find spare parts.

The brand that you purchase you want to make sure that it can easily be repaired by local technicians and that the spare parts are readily available and you won’t be waiting around for months. This will help ensure that your downtime is as minimal as possible.

  1. Weight

Depending on what materials you need to build with, there are materials that are heavier and built for tougher jobs. Common materials used for making CNC machines are polymer composite, aluminum, and iron cast.

If you need to build lighter products then aluminum and polymer composite weight will work just fine. If you have tougher jobs then it is best to go for a heavier machine made out of iron cast.

  1. Power Consumption

Some CNC machines will need more power than others, and you will want to choose, depending on your needs and depending on how much available power you have at home or in your workshop.

Check the power requirement before you buy your machine because you do not want to buy something you won’t be able to use right away.

Ready to Choose Your Home CNC Machine?

Now that you have our top tips when you are shopping for your home CNC machine, you can start shopping around and make an informed decision. Knowing your goals ahead of time will make it easier to narrow down the perfect CNC machine for you.

A CNC machine is not a cheap investment, therefore it is not a decision you want to rush into.

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